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  1. Continental headlamp adjustment *** Sorted ***

    Greetings! This is my first post. I'm hopeful someone out there has found this. My new (2019) Captur has the ability to adjust the headlights for driving abroad. That's great, I go to France next week. The handbook has a picture, showing an adjustment screw on top of the light unit. It has a "B"...
  2. 2007 Renault Scenic Mk 2 Headlamp dust caps have different sizes

    Ask the Experts
    Have been trying to find dust caps for the drivers side headlamp, my problem is they are a smaller size to the headlamp on the passenger side which are the 153 874 even if I could get part number to give to supplier as he has already sent the wrong set which I have returned.
  3. Headlamp relay

    Hi everyone, having just bought a Renault Clio 1.2 Dynamique 2004 reg I discovered that the headlamp (dipped beam) and the fog lamps do not work. After some research and checking the bulbs and fuses both of which are ok, I found out it could be a relay problem. Looking at the relay box in the...
  4. Megane MK2 Headlamp UK/EU!

    Hi there, I've had a little crash and broke the left (driver side) headlamp. I have a EU 1.5dCi 2003 Hatchback. I found a used headlamp in a local website but it's labelled as UK, would it fit the European left side drive of my Megane. Here is a real pic Thanks in advance
  5. 2005 Modus dci Headlamp relay

    Hi Guys, got to the bottom of the Headlamp issue on the Modus was a Relay in fusebox at the side of the Battery !! it has got to warm and sort of melted ! The part No I have off it is ACV 31012 MO4 Ive looked on ebay but can only find a acv31012 mo2Is it dealer part only or can I get a...
  6. Headlamp Defelctors

    Cars & motoring
    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help. I own a Grand Scenic Dynamic S Nav 2017. I will be spending 3 weeks in France in August and I was wondering if anyone knew whether this model supports headlamp adjustment for driving in countries with left-hand drive? I did a search of previous threads on...
  7. Cleaning inside of headlamp lens

    Not a clue if this works but have used similar on fishtanks to may do. Not a great cost in trying anyway and may do. How to Clean the Inside of a Headlight: 4 Steps (with Pictures)
  8. Espace 1V headlamp washers

    Just had an MOT failure on my Espace 1V headlamp washers not working. The high pressure pump runs and leaks out of each front corner eventually, the jets do not rise up with the water. I can lift them up {WHY is the spring so strong?} they are not seized and when carefully wedged up they squirt...
  9. MOT failure - Headlamp aim beam image obviously incorrect offside front

    Hi, This is my first post on here for my son's Clio as it’s just failed the MOT and he’s 300 miles away in Stockton on Tees :( As per title, one of the failures is the o/s headlight and the tester said there was no/or incorrect beam pattern. The test was done at a council MOT centre and I've...
  10. Headlamp polishing

    General Chat
    Dunno how well it works but.....
  11. Headlamp problem.

    Hi, just bought another Espace, (last one died after 384000k) new one is a 98 2 litre petrol. Headlamps only work on full beam! checked all the fuses there is no power getting to the bulb........any ideas anyone? thanks in advance.
  12. Insecure headlamp MOT failure

    I was told by the garage that my car has failed the MOT because the headlamp is broken. I could not believe him as it was all working fine. He said the whole unit has to be replaced as it is not repairable. I asked him to retain the old unit and was amazed how the casing would have broken from...
  13. 15% OFF Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit Section
    Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit The Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit is ideal for cleaning, and restoring headlamps, back to their original quality. Shop now:RENAULTCLUB It's simple to apply and leaves you with a crystal clear finish. Cleans and polishes headlamp Removes small...
  14. Megane 2012 headlamp for Europe

    Hi all, my mum has taken her Megane back to it's homeland to live. Does anyone know if the headlamps are adjustable for driving on the wrong side or is it new lights required? It's a 2012. Thanks for any advice :grin2:
  15. headlamp replacement on a twingo

    Hi guys, my mum has cracked her front nearside headlight when parking on her 2008 1.2 twingo, how hard is it to replace? Is it a diy job or garage only? Cannot find any videos on headlamp removal or even bumper removal on one of these? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Steve
  16. Headlamp holder change

    My Grand Scenic 2 has just burnt out its headlamp holder, looking on ebay for a replacement and the only ones i can find have 2 cables ...yet the existing lamp holder has 3...any ideas if these will work or is there a better place to get hod of one. Here's a link to the thing I'm looking at...
  17. Grand scenic 04 headlamp fail

    Dash shows light on but no headlight just main beam. Bulbs ok
  18. Laguna 2 Xenon headlamp washers not working

    Now before you all shout and call for me to be stoned, I have searched this forum extensively today but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for - I need some help please. My O/S washer unit was broken so I whipped off the bumper and replaced it today. The headlamp washers have never...
  19. headlamp protectors

    can one get headlamp protectors for 2010 Scenic Privilege as I don,t want to apply stick-on beam deflectors directly to my headlamps?
  20. Laguna 1 DEPO headlamp main beam too high

    With age, my Valeo headlamps became opaque. Fully functioning headlamps are a legal safety requirement for the vehicle and this is checked during the annual MOT. So my 2.0 litre, 16 valve Renault Laguna RTi was updated with a new pair of aftermarket DEPO headlamps. (I could not get new...