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  1. Bodywork
    One of the headlights on my Scenic has started to delaminate due to UV damage. Before I get to work with the buffing wheel and toothpaste can anyone suggest how I might remove the top layer (a thin plastic layer) which, as you can see from the photo, is peeling off the lens which I assume is...
  2. Electronics
    Has any one Changed the head lamps from UK to French headlamps and If so can they tell me how they did It, Thanks Bryan
  3. Electronics
    Does any one know if the headlamps on a 2010 Scenic have universal lights, I live in France and have a Uk Scenic but the beams do not seem to Kick up to the left they seem to be flat across, I have had to change lamps on my old Scenic and Modus but they all kickd up, thanks in Advance Bryan...
  4. Electronics
    I thought this might be of use to other Megane II owners with poor headlamps..mine were becoming dangerous :surprise: I have tried rotating the bulbs, uprated bulbs and checked the wiring earths etc. but nothing seemed to make a difference. Unfortunately it's impossible to remove the...
  5. Electronics
    Hello - anyone know an easy way to re-wire the headlights to turn off when the ignition switch is turned off on a Clio 2 model? My wife's previous car was a 2004 Hyundai Getz and when you had the headlights on, as you turned off the ignition the headlights turned off but left on the...
  6. Electronics
    I've had this plug off before on our Clio 2 and I cannot think how I got it off, but been trying to remove the plug and its not budging now. The clip that's on the plug at the bottom, do you push that in or pull it out as your trying to pull out the plug?
  7. Electronics
    I have a problem when the ignition is turned on the dipped headlights come on with out the switch being in the on position and also the wiper wont work except for wash wipe mode. I found the fault a broken wire in the lights controler stalk see picture below when i installed a new wire all...
  8. Electronics
    Hi all!! I have a Megane scenic 54 plate and i've had this problem for two weeks! And after reading through every single thread on here with electrical faults such as mine. I will tell you I have tried every remedy that has been posted. Basically when you have the headlamps on and the radio...
  9. Electronics
    I have a Renault Laguna Mk3 2008 and have moved to France. I now need to have the headlamps changed to meet with French law. I have bought a complete set of lamps and now need advice on how to install them, could someone please advise. Many thanks
  10. Electronics
    The headlamp fell off my van and smashed! I've tried renault france/ebay/breakers/dealerships everywhere but can't find any replacement headlamps. No one has been able to suggest a similar headlamp either that could be used instead. Please and thank you :)
  11. Bodywork
    Megane2 04reg nearside headlamp shines higher than offside.How can I adjust? Ray:confused:
  12. Electronics
    Hi Is there anyway to enable guide me home headlights so it works on the 3 button remote instead of flashing lights to turn on
  13. Electronics
    Hi I have a Laguna 1.9 dCi 2003 hatchback and I need to find out what I must do to remove the drivers side headlamp which has a xenon lamp in it. And is it possible to have the Ballast tested on site..Pat
  14. For sale
    Good evening gents, I have a pair of Megane RS 250 xenon headlanps for sale. Please take a look at the Ebay auction using the link below or contact me for more info. Thanks.
  15. Cars & motoring
    Does anybody know what the Renault Scenic Dynamique TOMTOM Automatic car has, please.
  16. Electronics
    I just purchased a MK3 (11 plate) Megane Dynamique. How would I know what type of headlamps I have? I understand that there are 3 types? Secondly, in my old MK2 Focus I could redirect my head lamps for driving on the right side (France etc). Can this be done in the Megane Dynamique MK3 I...
  17. Electronics
    Hello i have a 01 scenic going for not test. i need to get headlamp alignment checked but guy in garage can't find at what % they should be set at. can anyone help please
  18. For sale
    2 x Front Xenon lamps with all bulbs and ballasts. Taken from 2002 Lag 2 £40 ono Paul
  19. Electronics
    Hi This is my 2nd post, so please excuse any mistakes or if this has been answered already. I have looked hard! My wife has a Grand Scenic II 2005. c70k miles. Neither dipped beam lights work. On either manual or automatic light setting, the indicator on the dashboard is lit - so the car thinks...
  20. Bodywork
    I have just taken over my grandaughter's Clio. I am giving it a good clean but I cannot shift stain on the outer glass on the headlights. Has anyone any ideas? It is a 2002 reg.