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  1. Bodywork
    Hi all.. Is it true that you need to remove the bumper just to replace the headlight bulb on my 2010 Laguna? thanks!
  2. Electronics
    Hi all, Yesterday on my way back from work (with my dipped beams on) I noticed that my wiper blades appeared to not be turning off as expected. I turned them on and off a couple of times and they stayed off so I thought all was okay. However shortly after I tried to flash my full beams and...
  3. Electronics
    I have a Renault Kadjar but the front headlights are not working. The hazards/indicator is but the beams themselves do not function. I have replaced the headlights but same issue occurs. My local garage had a look but are not sure as the fuse boxes seem fine. Before this incident the headlights...
  4. Bodywork
    Hi folks.. I hope you are well. Looking for some help.. I'm pretty clued up on my cars.. but I'm stumped on this. My misses owns a 2010 diesel estate.. 1.5 clio mk3. Some weeks ago some planks with an actual plank were swinging it around and cracked the offside headlight. Huge hole...
  5. Electronics
    Hey guys, hope somebody can help me out. 2016 Kadjar; last night the dipped headlights just went off. Interior panel/dash started going light and dim and then stopped. Sat nav went from night to day, back to night. Rear lights are on ok. Dipped lights not working whether in auto or manual. Main...
  6. Electronics
    Hi I need to change both sidelight bulbs in my Mégane iv, I can change all other bulbs in the headlight unit but the manual says for the sidelight bulb, this one needs to be done by the dealer. My garage are charging £60 to change the bulb as they need to dismantle everything apparently. Is...
  7. Clio
    I have a brand-new Clio, which I have had since March. It has an intermittent problem where the full / high beam on the headlights fails. It can be while using the full beam - it suddenly just goes back to normal headlights or it fails when I flick the stalk to go from normal headlights to full...
  8. Electronics
    Hi guys... I have a Megane 4 with LED headlights. Does anyone else with these headlights find that the dipped beam aim is far too low? I really struggle to see at night time when driving this car. The driver***8217;s side light has been raised as far as possible and it***8217;s still pointing...
  9. Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a Clio MK3 2006. The dipped beam on nearside was not working so went to replace. When I finally managed to get to the bulb I checked same and it was not blown. I checked fuse and ok. Then the dipped beam on off side stopped working and then noticed that the only light operating on...
  10. Electronics
    hello headlights failed because of frosted lens and no visible beam pattern. i have recently put in two new h7 bulbs and there is no kick up to the left like there should be. £3.50 for both lamps from euro, i would have thought they would have been fine. i tried adjusting the lights but...
  11. Bodywork
    I have Laguna 2 Phase 2 - I need to get the front bumper off because my headlight washers are leaking, draining the tank in a day or 2... how do I get to the pipework behind the bumper?? Thanks all.
  12. Electronics
    Hi Anyone know the location of the Megane mk3 passenger side Headlight Fuse? thanks
  13. Electronics
    I have a 2007 Megane convertible would the headlight units off a 2006 Megane fit my convertible
  14. Electronics
    I am considering replacing my standard halogen lamps with newer, brighter ones. Some I have looked at claim to be up to 150% brighter than the standard ones. My Mk 2 Scenic has strange headlamps with some kind of fitting to make them look like Xenon lamps but they definitely are not. Does anyone...
  15. Bodywork
    Any one know of anyone who does headlight upgrades on Grand Scenic down on the South coast, as my headlights are shocking ?
  16. Electronics
    I am replacing both headlight units in a Renault Scenic II 1.6 16V (JM1RO6) 2008. Can anyone provide me with the OEM numbers for these or direct me as to where I can find them? (I'm not in a position to remove the existing in advance of buying the replacements). Thanks
  17. Electronics
    Hi people I have two questions 1) I know how to adjust headlight up and down, but have not figured out how to adjust side to side. Some where somebody told there was like a nut somewhere but i took a look and cant figure out how 2) I have problem with my camshaft sensor and videos on...
  18. Electronics
    Hi, I just joined the forum to ask for some help with a bizzare problem. Ive had my 2004 modus diesel for 4 years and never had a problem till tonight. I got back an hour ago to find my nearside headlight wont turn off. Its stuck on dip beam even with ignigtion off. I tried pulling fuses but...
1-18 of 449 Results