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  1. Electronics
    HI, I have a 2010 Renault Grand Modus automatic (UK). When I started the car today I noticed 2 issues. First the headlights are stuck on, luckily in the dipped setting so it’s OK to drive but I can’t turn on the parking lights or full beam settings -the stalk turns but nothing changes the...
  2. Electronics
    Does anybody actually know the difference between LHD and RHD front headlights on a Renault Megane 2004? I have purchased LHD lights for my RHD car and they look identical apart from the little internal cap that looks as if it is at a different angle. The reason I ask is this, If that is the...
  3. Bodywork
    Hi need some advice got badly yellow up dirty headlights anyone got ant recommendations how to get them bright and clean again as they will fail them on my mot at the end of the month many thanks Simon
  4. Electronics
    Hi, I have recently bought a 2006 modus that has HID headlights, when they are on they are very dim, I bought some osram bulbs 200% brighter, but still very dim tried a ballast I know is perfect but still dim any ideas ?
  5. Ask the Experts
    Hi guys, as the heading says, does anyone know where the headlights on warning buzzer is located, seems I need a new one, TIA
  6. Electronics
    Hi, Does anyone know what type of headlights a 14 reg Xmod has ?. Is halogen or xenon?. I’m looking to see if I can replace it for a better strong light rather than white light bulbs !. Thank you in advance
  7. Electronics
    Hi all I***8217;m new I have a 65 plate scenic and in the menu I have noticed an option for ***8220;auto dipped beam headlights***8221;. I use the lights on auto all the time as set on the light stalk but I***8217;m unsure of what this extra option Is in the menu. Any help is greatly...
  8. Electronics
    We bought a clio 2003 yesterday , seller will be getting a call tomorow !!, Sometimes when you turn the headlights on they flash like mad as well as the dashboard lights flashing and lots of relay clicking , turn them off and on and it may do the same or it may behave , my thoughts are earth...
  9. Ask the Experts
    Hi, I own a 2014 Kangoo Van (1.5 diesel). Shortly I’ll be relocating to France and would like to register the van on French plates. In order to pass the CT test (French mot) the headlights will either require replacing (from a lhd van). My daughters bf brother is a mechanic and he thinks I...
  10. Electronics
    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong place, can't decide if headlights are electronics or bodywork... I have a facelift (2005 / 55) Laguna 2 Initiale with xenons. Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed the OS headlight getting quite wet, and then that I had no dipped beam. I've switched...
  11. Electronics
    My car went in for its MOT last week, it failed on a couple of things and the headlight aim too low. All the faults were rectified, took it back and the MOT tester said that my headlights 'kick' or spread to the wrong side. Another garage said similar last week, that I had 'French' headlights. I...
  12. Electronics
    My left indicators stopped working although hazards do, so I took the steering cover off to access the stalk wires and found 2 loose, reconnected them. Now I have no indicators and headlights stay on. Hazards work still. Please help.
  13. Electronics
    I am new to this so sorry if this has been asked before! :crazy: I am looking to upgrade the standard headlights on my 2017 GT-Line to the LED headlights found in the Signature model. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks! :grin2:
1-14 of 294 Results