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  1. Renault Trafic 2012 - Heater problems.

    Hello i have an Trafic 2012 model, 1,9L engine. I started having a problem with the center console, the heating stopped on 1,2 and 3 but worked on 4. Then the 4 setting stopped. So i changed out the Resistor but stil no go, the breaker is good, the resistor is new. Is there anything else i...
  2. Renault part needed (heat shield)

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a Renault Laguna 1.6 rt petrol 2000 reg. It's just failed its Mot due to heat shield fault. Garage said it is to protect fuel tank. Not sure if this is the same thing as a heat shield for the exhaust, suspect it might be. Does anyone know where I could get a new or decent old heat...
  3. Rear heat shield

    Two of the nuts holding the rear heat shield on have somehow worked themselves off. So now it is sitting on top of the exhaust and rattling like crazy. Before I run off to B&Q does anyone know what size they will be? "2011 Clio" TIA
  4. No heat 2005 scenic

    Heating & cooling
    I have recently bought a sold as seen 2005 scenic. It was advertised as fan blowers not working. The thing is mechanically sound apart from the fans and abit bumper and wing damage which I'm getting sorted out. On searching the internet I read alot about the heat resistor. I got into it behind...
  5. Trafic 2.5 water pre heat system

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, just a quick question:- Can you remove the water pre heat system and replace with a short pipe or just remove the fuse..? TIA... Spike
  6. MK3 Grand Scenic no heat to feet *FIXED*

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, this is my first post.... Our Grand Scenic MK3 is only blowing hot air to the windscreen, no heat to the feet or the dash vents, is this common ? The auto release has also failed for the handbrake, although it will work manually when holding the footbrake, I only mention this because the...
  7. Mk1 Laguna Overheating, no heat in cabin***128553;

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I've had a quick look through the forum and can't seem to find anything, but if anyone does know a thread for this problem please direct me to it.. I have a mk1 Laguna 1.8 8v, I've replaced the thermostat, there's a new radiator in the car, but theres no heat in the cabin. The blower is...
  8. heat sensor on scenic 1

    my scenic had a metal thermostat housing with a three pin heat sensor. due to the inavailability of the metal housing in South Africa I could only get a plastic replacement with a four pin sensor need to know which wires go where Sent from my SM-G532F using Tapatalk
  9. heat sink renault master

    Heating & cooling
    Need a new heat sink for renault master and found this - The heat sink 2,3DCI Renault Master 2010- | FT55283 Is the price okay or should I look for somewhere else?
  10. Renault Kangoo 1.2 no heat from the fan?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I'm currently using a renault Kangoo 1.2 LPG van as a run around and have a recurring issue which is starting to become a bit of a pain. The van will get up to temperature quite quickly (judging by temp sensor on the dash) but will only produce a blip of heat when the heater is turned...
  11. Megane Mk3 heat contol illumination.

    Hi. I have a Megane Mk 3 deisel tourer with manual a/c. There appears to be no illumination behind the temparature control knob although the two other knobs are lit normally. My haynes suggests that there is only one bulb fitted and this is accessed by removing the heater contol unit. If some...
  12. Pre heat light not illuminating

    The pre heat lamp on my 106 is not illuminating on start up (or at all for that matter) the car starts fine even in the sub zero periods we had recently. Could it be the bulb? Is the bulb replaceable? Or could the heater plugs or the system be shot? Any advice would be welcome.
  13. Engine can't heat up to working temperature

    Heating & cooling
    1.5 dci (meg 2011) engine cant reach working temperature.. after 40mins of city driving, the temp gauge stays halfway to where it needs to be.. i've noticed that if i do go on the motorway, it heats up properly.. but obviously i also drive in the city so this is hurting the fuel...
  14. cant get any heat

    Heating & cooling
    hi all, My first (but i doubt it will be my last) post. i have a scenic 2001 diesel with heater issue. the control panel lights up and the bars increase as turn the power up and everything looks ok except i cant get any heat out of the air vents, i have taken the blower motor out and given it...
  15. Laguna 2 no heat passenger side

    Heating & cooling
    Car fitted climate control, fan and all functions appear to work bar no heat to screen or footwell on passenger side. I assume it is the temp control flap ? anyone know where it's located ? or alt problem. Thanks Brian
  16. Only ambient heat coming from Air-Con

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, seeking some help for my Megane, hoping you are all knowledgeable and willing to help in this department. :d:mad: So the air-con in my Renault Megane only blows out ambient air temperature it seems, and being Summer here in Aus, it has been blowing out really warm air. I happen to have...
  17. meg 1 rear exhaust box heat shield dci

    hows it fastened mine moves when pushed by hand
  18. Megane Climate Control - no heat

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have an '04 Megane with Climate Control. I know the A/C doesn't work (probably no gas!) but now the heater has stopped working too - whatever temperature is set it just blows cold air so the fan is working! Where do I start? Thanks in anticipation.
  19. heat sheild

    All the retention clips on my heatsheild have come away and now have a loud rattle noise from this. I have bought some retention clips but unsure how to fit them. Do i need bolts as well as the clips or are the clips sufficient?
  20. Rattling N/S ball joint heat shield - Laguna 2

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there, I have noticed that my front near side ball joint heat shield is rattling. It doesn't seem to be pinched between the ball joint rubber and the wishbone like the other side is (which doesn't rattle) Has anyone else come across this issue before. Do you think to resolve, it's...