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    I’ve removed the glove box to find the resistor but that’s as far as I’ve got, could anyone show me what I’m looking for please.
  2. Heating & cooling
    Even if I turn the control to no fan speed at all it still is on maximum all the time. Done two things: 1. I have changed the fan resistor. 2. Changed the heating/fan regulation panel. Nothing changed. What could be wrong?
  3. Electronics
    Hi Im Alexthegrumpyone,I have made a quick video on how to fix your heating fan. So in case it only works on one of the speeds it is the resistor unit that needs changing or the connector that's burnt. If it doesn't work on any speeds then check the fuse, look at the connector, if both are fine...
  4. Electronics
    Hi guys, I have a 2007 Clio MK3, and both bulbs in the heater do not work. I have replaced them, but no matter what I do they simply do not work, all the other lighting in the interior does work. I was wondering if there happens to be a separate fuse for these bulbs? Thanks
  5. Heating & cooling
    Hi all I have 2001 megane cabriolet phase2 1.6 16v the heater fan just stopped working I have no blown fuses , I have replaced the resistor pack at base of windscreen the fan has been tested works ok . I have no live at fuse , I have an earth on one side of fuse holder which is there on speeds...
  6. Ask the Experts
    Hi, have a dci 125 MWB 2.3l 2010 plate. Does anyone where I find the blend door actuator or whatever it***8217;s called in this van? My heater won***8217;t change from hot to cold (but I know there is heat and also AC produces cold) - I know my heater control modules works as I***8217;ve tried...
  7. Ask the Experts
    Good Morning I have a Clio Dynamique DCI 2010 TOMTOM and the heater fan is intermittent it keeps stoping but if I hit the dash it starts working again for a short time. Any ideas ? I believe changing the fan Is labour intencive the car is not high milage so Is it normal for a fan to fail...
  8. Heating & cooling
    Morning all, I have a 2010 Grand Scenic 3 1.5dci. The heater has started to temperamentally not blow out hot air even when the dial is right round to max. Doesn't make any difference if the engine temp gauge is up to the middle or if the AC is turned on or off? The engine temp gauge appears to...
  9. Heating & cooling
    Scenic 2007. my heater blower keeps blowing,origonaly speeds 1,2,3,didnt work only No 4 then something burnt out and the fuse went,put new fuse in ,on speed 4 only fuse went again . so changed resistor speed module. new fuse ,turned it on speed 3,module started to smoke ,turned it off ,then on...
  10. Heating & cooling
    Hi. The heater blower on my mk3 Grande Scenic is working fine, but it is quite noisy and squeaky. I've tried everything to get at it, including removing glove box, steering column and housing, but cant get any further. Does anyone have any ideas how to get to it please?
  11. Heating & cooling
    Hi, this is in relation to this other post I made 2 weeks ago - Where one of the pin holes in the wire harness was burnt, my hope is replacing the harness will fix having now blowers (even though...
  12. Heating & cooling
    Hi chaps, not quite sure what to make of this. I have a 2016 Kadjar signature thingy a few months ago the windscreen vents packed up and I had to have the heater box? Replaced, today I noticed that the passenger centre console vent is blowing much hotter air than the others! When I say hot I...
  13. Heating & cooling
    Hi! I'm in the process of swapping out my heater panel, as it looks beat up. The paint has chipped away and all of the bulbs have died. Having the poverty spec 1.2 Clio, I do not have any AC, just the heater and the controls do not have a button for the air circulation, but the dial has to be...
  14. Electronics
    I was taking the heater control panel out of my Kangoo MK1 as the light keep going on and off when I noticed this cable attached to the bottom, what the hell is it:confused: Is it easy to remove and put back? :|
  15. Heating & cooling
    Hi, I'm new to doing repairs to my car but I'm wanting to start learning myself instead of always taking it to a garage. Spent a while trawling through the forums to diagnose my issue so I understand there are a lot of similar threads about this however I still have a few questions. The main...
  16. Heating & cooling
    So I have a Renault scenic 2004 1.4 The heaters barely work on 1 and in these cold weather conditions it needs to be sorted ASAP. Ordered resistor pack with new loom. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of some instructions for how to fit them? Seems to be no clear...
  17. Heating & cooling
    Renault Fluence Dynamique 1.5 dCi 110 Automatic I bought my Fluence a few months ago and I have to say it's been an experience so far. I'll start with the smallest issue first. Has anyone else on here come across the AC/Heater Fan coming on when you plug your phone into the Cigar Lighter...
1-17 of 500 Results