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  1. Auxiliary heating relays

    Heating & cooling
    Please help on all the data I have on my Laguna 3 2.0 Diesel 150 tells me the 2 relays 70amp and 40amp are in area of center of the car I've had radio and main heater control unit out but I still can't find these relays can any one help and photo would be good I need the 40amp as it's...
  2. Espace mk4 heating

    Ask the Experts
    I've just bought a espace mk 4. 3.0 v6. It doesn't have any heating/cooling blowers. The controls on the drivers side all light up and work but the blowers don't. Any ideas folks??
  3. Espace IV 3.0 dci heating problem

    Heating & cooling
    Hello my dear experts, i really need your help I bought two 3.0dci Espace's. One is 2008 and the other is 2006 and both have the same problem. So, on my main v6 dci the cabin heat doesn't all. I noticed, when i switch my climate control ON, the #1 engine cooling fan contsantly...
  4. half car heating

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, i have a Renault Koleos 2.5 from 2008. I now have the problem when heating the inside of the car, only the left side is heated correctly (warm); the right side is also blowing; but only cold air. Any idea what the cause can be?
  5. Laguna II - seat heating problem

    Hi, Just bought a Laguna II from 2004. When I turn on the seat heating from the drivers- or passengers seat the indicator light in the dashboard comes on, but none of the seats heat. Because the problem is related to both seats I think there is an electrical problem somewhere. In another post I...
  6. 1.4 engine still over heating - or is it ?

    The problem is, before my cylinder head gasket failed to be repaired the radiator cooling fan used to kick in just past half way on the gauge, about five marks from the bottom of the scale and now it doesn't, in fact I can't get the fan to come on at all, not even when stuck in traffic. I have...
  7. More mkIII problems heating & CC button

    Heating & cooling
    As you can see from my previous posts, I’ve been to hell and back with this 2010 Renault Megane 1.6 petrol vvt I finally got my catylst and sensor fitted and my refund. Then I Finally fixed the drivers door. The Cv joints and ball joints will be next week. But I now have 3 NEW PROBLEMS :( 1#...
  8. Heating & Fan Control Lighting - 2012 Twingo

    Just purchased a 2012 Twingo Dynamique and last night noticed there was no lighting behind the controls for the Heating and Fan. Has a bulb failed or is it that this just doesn't light up? If a bulb has failed, how easy is it to replace?
  9. 2004 diesel grand espace 2.2 pre heating

    Hi , I’ve just brought 2004 Renault grand espace 2.2 diesel . Now in the manual it says to start insert the key card but do not press the start button untill the pre heating symbol goes out on screen . I cannot for the life of me see this pre heating symbol come up anywhere . Any help appreciated ?
  10. No heating

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone looking for some help, I've got a 56 master and the heaters has stopped working. We've change the resistor pack but still nothing. Fuse in fuse box under the steering wheel is OK. Any ideas please tia Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  11. Failed AC and heating query

    Heating & cooling
    Hi In previous posts I have said that in my 02 Megane Scenic 2ltr automatic the AC condenser has a leak. Although I have had no cooling, the heater worked. However, yesterday I did a cold start and needed to demist the windscreen. This time, as well as the usual gurgling noise from the failed...
  12. Blower weak when the dial is turned to heating the feet

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone, We have a 2008 Renault Grand Scenic 1.9 Dinamique and it all works unbelievably well so far. There's only one small nuisance: blower is strong and heats well except for when I turn the dial to the bottom vents (for the feet). Compared to all other positions it's very very weak...
  13. Mk2 clio heater hose clips

    hi guys hoping you can help. I need to flush the heater core on my mk2 clio (2001, 1.2l, 16v). having looked at the hoses going into the bulkhead they have these strange clips on (see picture) - does anyone know how to take them off? Is it a case of pushing in the button on each side? I don't...
  14. Scenic 2 heating blower motor problem

    Heating & cooling
    Car is 2007 1.6 scenic. Hello, my heater blower is not working on any of the settings, I think this problem may be related to something that happened this summer whilst on a camping trip in Italy! On a ludicrously hot day in italy we were running the air con at full whack, after a few mins I...
  15. Heating, Blower Fan - Resistor Pack - Clio2

    Our clio 2 interior fan speed only works on speed 4 - have pulled out the resistor pack from the blower motor underneath the bonnet and traced it to the thermal fuse being the problem. I shorted it out and all 4 speeds work with it shorted. Was so tempted to solder a wire on , leave it...
  16. No aircon after swapping UCH/ECU

    Heating & cooling
    I was having trouble with a faulty UCH which was causing the indicators/wipers to malfunction, so I replaced them with a new one. I got a complete set of UCH/ECU/Key which all had the exact matching part numbers. Everything works (even fixed an issue with a dodgy window) but the aircon. It was...
  17. Heating, auto lights, reverse lights

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, i own a 2005 renault laguna initiale 150 2.2 dci, the problem i have is that the reverse lights don't work the heating/air con doesn't and the auto front lights don't work either iv'e checked every fuse and they are ok i have read that they are all on the fuse but no fuse has blown does...
  18. Clio 1.2 year 2000 temperature gauge showing over heating

    Heating & cooling
    Hi.. temperature gauge was working fine fan etc kicking in when needed to. Though on way to work this morning after no more than 5 minutes driving the gauge went straight to the top the dial, no warning lights came on and no fan has kicked in.. heater is blowing hot air as it should, any...
  19. Heating Control Problem - 2011 Espace **Fixed**

    Whilst driving my 2011 Grand Espace for about 3 hours on the motorway, the display on the heating controls partially disappeared, then reappeared. This happened several times. Whilst the display was partial, none of the control buttons worked. When the display disappeared, it was for perhaps 20...
  20. Renault jedi needed! - stereo, heating & check emissions!

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, Very new to this so I'm apologising in advance if these topics have been covered but I've searched high and low and cannot really get a definitive answer: CAR: SCENIC 2 1.5 DCI - REG YJ55*** ISSUES: 1. OEM STEREO NO DASHBOARD DISPLAY Had a faulty dash/display so replaced it, now...