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  1. Head Gasket ? over heats

    Hello everyone this is my first thread as ive just joined the club having bought my first Renault. ok I've taken a big gamble here as i pick the car up tomorrow knowing theres to much pressure in the cooling system ,add makes clear it could be bolocked radiator - water pump or possibly...
  2. The bidding heats up for Saab

    Motoring news
    Bernie Ecclestone has teamed up with Genii Capital [email protected]: Spyker up the bidding Copy and paste...
  3. Rear Window heats in widescreen format...

    Heating & cooling
    hi, as above - i'm starting to use the heated rear window in this weather, found that the heating elements - whilst continuous from top to bottom - only appear to heat / defrost the centre "half" of the rear window. this leaves a band of about 100mm at the top and about 300mm at the bottom that...
  4. over heats before starts

    hi can you help me i have a 98 espace but as soon as i turn the key temp go!s straight to high .thankyou.