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  1. Wheels & tyres
    hi folks, had 4 New tyres a few weeks ago, Clio 3 1.5 dci, getting this helicopter womp womp noise from drivers side front.wheel/tyre and vibration insteering wheel. seems to be one womp per wheel revolution so obviously gets faster at speed. any ideas thanks! edit: not a massive thud more like...
  2. Interiors
    Can anybody tell me if they have a problem when driving over 40mph with a rear window open?, while we driving down the road the other day, my grandson opened the rear window and it sounded as if a helicopter had just flown into the car, the noise was unbearable and we had to close the window, is...
  3. Wheels & tyres
    Hi I have a 97 MK 1 Clio with 60k on the clock. It has recently developed a grinding noise from front of car. It starts after 5 miles of driving from cold. It goes away at speeds under 20-30 mph. Braking or shifting to neutral has no affect on the noise. A local garage diagnosed a front off...
  4. Rallying news
    Sad News Rally ace McRae feared dead in helicopter horror | the Daily Mail Whether his is or isn't invloved.