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  1. Hands Free wont work on a 3-button Renault Card - help!*Fixed*

    Hello, sorry to post yet another question related to the Renault Card (I see there are plenty of previous posts on this topic!) but I am trying to fathom out why Hands Free does not work for me.... Just over a week ago I purchased an '05 plate Renault Megane Tourer estate - Dynamique. Really...
  2. Ecu Problem..please Help!*Fixed*

    Hi, this is my first post on the forum, and im really hopeing someone can help. I have a R reg Megane Cabriolet, have owned the car for 3 weeks and its been off the road for 1 of them! Friday morning the car wouldnt start, finaly got a mobile electrician to look at it today, and he has said...
  3. :confused: Laguna dti not selecting gears! help*Fixed*

    Hi, I have recently acquired a '99 T reg Laguna 1900 dti 5speed and it has not been smooth sailing! I had only had the car on the road a couple of days when the gearbox mounting bolts sheered off! :( This caused the 'box to drop, luckily I was only in 2nd gear doing approx. 15mph at the time...
  4. Step dad's Rover won't start please help!*Fixed*

    Other makes
    Hiya guys and girls. My Step Dad has got snags with his Rover 214. Before all the jokes come out this car is ace, it has lasted me years then i gave it to him when i got the Megane. Normally don't have any problems with it but, hey, it all comes around in the end. Anyway. I have posted on the...
  5. Lag 1 phase 2 Remote Locking problem, please help!*Fixed*

    Hi Guys, I know I haven't posted much on here but would be greatful for any advice, basically last week I went out in my van and left the car at home and took my set of keys for the Lag with me, wife went to go out in the car but the batteries in the plip were flat so decided to use the key in...
  6. Espace Overheating!! Help*Fixed*

    Heating & cooling
    Hello everyone! I (well my dad) has a N reg Renault espace 2.0l manual with air-con. The problem is that it keeps overheating as the cooling fan/s are not kicking in. I have diconnected the the cooling switch on the rad, and when i put a live feed to the middle pin, the left hand cooling fan...