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    Hi my name's Stef and i'm currently pondering buying an 04 Megane....depending on what advice you good folks here can give me..... Thanks :d
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    been lurking here a few years lol. i have a 1999 mk2 1.2 clio rn grande. its just failed its mot because the sticker on the doorframe for the vin number is basically been peeled off.( i know car aint dodgy its my ex girlfreinds she had it four years) so im sure there should be a vin number...
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    hey my name is adam aka tayz i live in bristol im 18 19 in september and atm i am drivin a renault 5 yh i no out ov all renaults it had 2 b tht 1 lol and b4 u ask no it aint a turbo (i wish) atm its in ¤¤¤¤ shape so lookin 4 parts 4 the car so thought would look around came on here 2 c if u guys...
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    Hi im from the midlands and own a 1.2 black mk1 clio :)
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    hello :) all
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    nice to met u.. hope u can help me and i`ll try to help u!