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  1. Electronics
    are the front and rear self levelling sensors on the laguna 2 interchangeable? lots on ebay but they dont define weather theyre front or rear,
  2. Electronics
    Hello, I am planning to install an HID kit to my Grand Scenic 2012 model. The car has already projector type bulbs, so it should fit o.k., without annoying other drivers. My question is: Has anyone a recommendation of a kit for this car that will not produce the 'fail light' error? I know there...
  3. Hid

    Hi lads I am back on here as carrig boy I was originally cork boy any way I have my hid kit and have one problem is mounting the ballast on the drivers side I had no problem finding a spot for the passanger side as it sits Nicely long the battery could not be better but space is tight on the...
  4. Electronics
    I need some help with how to replace the xenon bulbs on my 1.9 dci estate please...
  5. Electronics
    I picked up a 2.0DCI sports tourer in January, with factory fitted projector HIDs. Their light output was about the same brightness as an early Mk1 Citroen Xantia, really washed out but also slightly pink, suggesting the bulbs needed replacing, which they definitely did! Now I've fitted new...
  6. For sale
    For sale is ONE valeo 5G ballast (12pin one), original fitted in factory on car when it was bought on megane 2 ph 1 xenon headlamps. it fits mor models of renault very likely. also included is a pair of d2s igniters together with wires for them. ballast was opened for inspection and is in mint...
  7. Exterior styling
    Hi guys, i have a new RS265 and just put some HID lights in, when the vehicle runs the lights flicker then turn off but when the vehicle is off and i turn the lights on they are fine. do i need a canbus system or can i just not fit the kit to this car? cheers Mitch
  8. Electronics
    Hiya iv just fitted an hid kit to my 2004 laguna and every time I turn headlights on its reseting my dash any ideas what could be the problem
  9. Electronics
    I have seen questions for this but no real answers as yet, the car in question is a 1.5dci Initiale with HID's, cornering and self leveling headlights. The lights are dim, so dim in fact that you have to have the fog lights on to drive at night. Both lights seem to have gone down together, i...
  10. Electronics
    Hi Guys I'm Planning on installing HID ki into my 2013 Renault Master, Is there anything I should look into before I proceed. The kit is H7 6000k 55w. Any Info is really appreciated Niall
  11. Electronics
    I have a mk3 espace 2.2 diesel.the problem I have is that the drivers headlights is not working,i have replaced the bulb to no effect.what I need to know is where the ballast resister is located,i cant seem to find it.regards to all.
  12. Electronics
    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has fitted any HID's to their mk3 clio. Mine has got cornering and projector lights, so assuming there eother H1 or H7. Could anyone calarify that? Thanks in advance, Matt. Abd before anyone pipes up about the Law of HID lights, I know lol :) Thanks
  13. For sale
    Nice looking car Copie, but selling like this in here isn't allowed, without going through the proper channels In my c with the colour difference I will also upload a picture of them in my clio too Rgards Steve
  14. Electronics
    Hi all, I'm new on here. I have a problem on my 2005 Modus which has HID headlights, it's failed the MOT because the dipped beam lights are dim, I thought that the lights were quite dim some time ago so I changed the bulbs, but this didn't make any difference. I don't think it is a ballast...
  15. Electronics
    My first post, so please be kind! I have a Laguna II Sports Tourer which has the Xenon HID bulbs. The offside washer in the bumper is faulty and the self-levelling sensor on the nearside is broken (both were this way when I bought the car - wish I knew that when I bought it!). It is now an...
  16. Electronics
    Are these any good? do they work and would they fit a scenic 04 reg...
  17. Interiors
    Hello I'm looking to improve the bulbs o me 2005 megane.I was thinking of upgrading to a hid kit, can anyone advise me in this matter please.Many Thanks Kevin.
  18. Cars & motoring
    During changing a headlight bulb on my 03 Laguna I managed to drop a bulb into the engine bay. After 3 days of fishing with a piece of welding wire I have managed to retrieve said bulb (car is off the road at the moment so hasn't been moved). How can I clean the bulb to ensure It wont overheat...
  19. Exterior styling
    Hi all, I have a clio mk2 expression and I have made it my little project to "do it up". As with all things car related I am a noob when it comes to things, I know what I'm looking for, what parts I need and if they fit. I just don't know how to fit them! Apart from in this case... I am...
  20. Electronics
    im looking at getting a hid kit for my megane coupe 2010, but i honestly do not have a clue so i am wondering how much it itself is going to cost and how much it is to have someone fit it? im in the hertfordshire/cambridgeshire area so if anyone knows if there is anywhere this way that do fit...