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  1. Interiors
    Other day removed passenger kick pannel on my 53 plate megane 2 to discover a hidden l.e.d it flashes when alarm is set doesnt look aftermarket either very strange ....they isnt enough cable to go anywere any ideas
  2. Electronics
    I am looking for the fuse that protects the light sensor on the windscreen (for automatic lights) and also powers the interior lights. That is, these are not working since I gaffed around and shorted something It is NOT in the dashboard top left fuse box NOR under the bonnet near the battery...
  3. Electronics
    Hello there all, It's about my Twingo. I dont have any problems yet. It has 22k km on the mileage. I just wanted to ask you if you know how to enable possible hidden menus in the cockpit like engine coolant temperature and a digital tachometer. Thanks you all
  4. Electronics
    Hello I have a Master in the form of a motorhome Its a Master DCI 150 with 08 plates The design has a stalk with an LED showing if the cruise control is engaged Silly part of the design is that this LED is obscured by an arm of the steering wheel at all safe motorway steering angles I know...
  5. Electronics
    any one know where my radio is hidden in my espace 2004 2.0 turbo please. :)
  6. Engines
    Hi, I have a Diesil Scenic Grand, 2006 plate, the fuel economy went down to 28mpg, costing us a bloody fortune to run, Check injection is shown on the dash and has been for some time, fuel effiencency only dropped recentley from all the research and the check injection light I think the...
  7. Heating & cooling
    On my wife's cab I have only found one bleed screw on the system, the one on the top of the radiator. Are there any other that I may have overlooked? I really would like to be 100 % sure that there are no air locks in the system.
  8. Engines
    ok..... i have a serious question now. :( i was changing the front numberplate on my car when i spotted some pretty significant damage hidden behind the lower grill on the front bumper. im guessing this is the intercooler not the water radiator, while driving (though i havent gone too far...
  9. General Chat
    Dont know if this has been posted previously or not. When VAT was temporarily reduced to 15%, the Chancellor added 2% duty to fuel to offset the reduction in tax collected from motorists. Now that VAT has been increased to 17.5% again this hidden tax has not been removed - hence recent rises...
  10. General Chat
    what hidden treasures do you know of? places to visit in your area that we could share with the rest of the forum. I'm currently working at St Bartholomew the Great Church in Smithfield, City of London. (oh the irony, me the biggest atheist going) it's hidden away down a small alleyway, and it...
  11. Electronics
    I have to check the rear window fuses on a laguna II 1.9 dci. Does anyone out there have a guide on how to remove the main fuse panel in the drivers side pocket to get to the hidden ones above.
  12. General Chat
    Cameras hidden in the hats of lollipop ladies Lollipop ladies secretly film dangerous drivers with head cameras | the Daily Mail
  13. Interiors
    very left where the fan controls are ? springy thing with slots in are they available as a spare?
  14. Electronics
    HI all, Here are some settings that you may (or may not) know about... they depend on your model (mine's a 51 plate Privelege) Renault auto Door Locking Press and hold the centre console door lock button (near hand brake) - Press and hold "lock" to activate the Renault Anti-Intruder system...