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  1. A Bit of Renault History

    Cars & motoring
    Some surprises here for you!:wink2:
  2. Steam History n stuff

  3. History

    General Chat
    Must of been a non news day today ...but this is now ripping it giving this idiot airtime she will want all the school history books edited Should Nelson be pulled down?
  4. History of the Turbo Charger

    General Chat
    Hi All, thought we would write an article on the History of the Turbocharger The full article about the History of the Turbocharger can we read on our blog :) A short history of Turbocharging Internal combustion pioneers Gottileb Daimler and Rudolf Diesel are credited with first exploring the...
  5. Renault Megane History

    Cars & motoring
    A bit of Renault Megane history for your perusal:wink2: Four generations of the Renault Megane: the history of Renault's hatch (sponsored) | Auto Express
  6. History Lessons

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    One tiny island, sure, why not :D When you have enough resources to enjoy a certain lifestyle you can dedicate yourself to science. That's why chocolate consumption per capita per country is correlated with number of Nobel Prize...
  7. Renault in Japan - Hino History

    Cars & motoring
    Don't know why but I just decided to look up Hino and found an interesting historical snippet on Wikipedia. A curious blend of Renault and Japanese styling :toast:
  8. Renault Trafic service history

    Cars & motoring
    Hi I have a Renault Trafic 61 plate which was owned by enterprise. I have tried Renault and they have not serviced the vehicle. I have also contacted Enterprise who say they cannot provide any service history for vans sold at auction. I know Enterprise service their vehicles and wondered if...
  9. 2004 grand scenic 7 seater diesel for sale good history spares or repair

    For sale
    hi all , before i put it on ebay, i am selling my grand scenic expression 1.5 dci diesel.7 seater, it is spares or repair ,as it will need the intercooler cleaning and possibly a turbo, according to the garage, which cost me £200 for the privelage, it has low miles at around 90,000. it has some...
  10. Custom Licence Plate History

    General Chat
    So when we moved to our current house (rented) opened the garage and found at least 30 different licence plates all saying amb1. Some looking really old, white background with black pressed text. When i asked the landlady about them the couple who owned the house from new were called Allen &...
  11. Car history check....From new?

    Cars & motoring
    I am wondering if there is a way of finding out the complete history of a car going back say to 1990. Not the standard check you can have if it's HP clear etc etc but a real long term. MOT's were logged online from 2005 so what about before that. Is there a way?
  12. Renault Master van history

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi all, my first post so hope I've landed amongst friends. I have a 1986 Renault Master T35 van, 2445cc diesel 5 speed - that's all it says on the V5 document - so I'm trying to find out more about identifying it as hard to get correct spares for it as there seems to be conflicting specs...
  13. Alonso overhauls Schumacher to become top scorer in F1® history

    Formula 1 news's Fernando Alonso has surpassed Michael Schumacher as the all-time leading points-scorer in Formula One racing history. The Spaniard scored 12 points for finishing fourth in Japan on Sunday, taking his career tally to 1,571 points...
  14. Service history

    General Chat
    A little bird tells me that if I give my vin number to Renault they will give me my vehicles service history. (This is an ex lease car which has just run out of warranty )03/10 registered. The dealer I bought it from, who advertised it as with full Renault service history, assures me that he...
  15. Scenic mystery service history

    Hello I recently bought an 04 Grand Scenic. It had 33k on the clock when I got it (although that was reset at 27k a few years back), and the last entry on the service history is a garage stamp at 14k, back in 2010. The display on the dash says I need to get it serviced in another 17k. None of...
  16. Clio with poor MOT history

    Hi all Today I test drove a Renault Clio II (53 plate) and it was in great condition and drove nicely. When I asked to see the MOT certificate, I saw that it passed its MOT yesterday but there are a few advisories. They are: The car is £1250 and I really don't know it I should buy it or not. I...
  17. Ma Qing Hua makes history for China at Silverstone test

    Formula 1 news Qing Hua became the first Chinese-born driver to test a Formula One car on Thursday at this week's young driver session at Silverstone. Qing Hua made his way out on to the UK track for HRT shortly after the circuit opened at 0900 hours...
  18. Austin Healey With A History

    Other motorsports
    A car with an important history,albeit a very tragic one....
  19. Scenic 1.5 lost service history

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, I'm looking at getting a new car and finally selling my 2004 1.5 scenic but I cant find the service history It's stamped upto 45,000 miles by renault (it has 73,000 on the clock) I phoned renault liverpool and they say if the work wasn't done by them at that...
  20. Service history on Megane 3

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All Just bought a new 60 plate Megane from a local dealer. It was a previous Enterpirse hire car and has 11000k on the clock. The dealer told me that it would need servicing at 18k as per Renault warranty. However after picking up the car i have found a sticker on the window and the...