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    Hi there. I have 2 Renault Master III vans and had a problem with the brake wear warning light on my 2015 165 Master. Had the warning light come up shortly after changing the pads. Tried another set of pads to fix the fault and checked all the connections back to the abs unit all was good but...
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    Hiya I am not a technical person but I hope I can get some help with my 6 year old Renault Megane from all you experts out there, thank you!
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    Hiya, currently own a 1.6 Renault Scenic 05 plate :)
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    just joined after buying Laguna II 2002 1.9 d found some excellent help on little niggles with car electric mirror reset ... done :d how to use computer from Stalk done ... :d now just ABS Servicecoming on and off previous owner said he had front bumper off before and someone said on here that...
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    Hello all. Never owned an Espace before. I already have a few niggles i can't fathom out. Read through all the FAQ's nothing relevant. Will have to post a question i think! Great vehicle tho. 7 full size seats. :)
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    Names Shaine, Had a few Scenics before but always wanted a Scenic II, Now ive got 1 so expect a few posts from me cause i have no clue about all the electrical in this car lol. Have a few problems already.
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    thanks for the add on this frum hope i can be off some help form time to time . all the best steve
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    Hiya guys (and gals). I'm Steve from Birmingham. I currently drive a 2004 LL29 Trafic and also own (until my brother has paid for it) a 2011 Twingo RenaultSport in black :cool: (before they changed the rear end and made it look crap lol). I'm a property developer and electrician by trade and...
  9. Electronics
    hiya i have just got this car and it has three problems 1. there are a few dash bulbs out i cant seem to find what bulbs they are? 2. there are black squares next to the door handles what are these for? 3. i cant seem to get the auto headlights to work thanks for any help given :)
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    hiya all new to the forum here i got a few questions for you lot hope you can help me out.. 1. 2007 its the phase 2 lag but with the 2.0 litre dci engine is that rite i thought it only come with the 1.9dci 2. the guy said its the expression nav pack but when i checked on the parkers its got...
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    Hello everyone, I've got a 2007 Grand Scenic and I expect a few problems, which I hope you all can help me with fixing.
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    Hiya folks, New to the forum and to Renault also :d Location : wirral Currently own a 1998 golf gti I've had for 7 years but she has to go,it's a 3 door and a pain in the ass getting our 8mth old daughter out,and the boot is tiny!! So I'm looking for a laguna ii estate dci as I like the spec...
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    Hi! The name's Ian and I live on the Costa Blanca in Spain. I've got 2 Renault Megane II's, both 2003, one is a Gran Tour and the other a hatchback. Both are 1.9dCi.
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    Hey people, yesterday I went and bought a 2003 black scenic 2, have I been a muppet? Stupid question I know, and its based on what I have just briefly glanced at on here. I am fully aware some cars have issues and some don't, having owned and still have at the moment a rover 75 diesel. It's been...
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    hiya guys. found this site when i had an electrical problem with my scenic. Got a feeling im going to be on this site a lot:d
  16. Engines
    hi there everyone just joined and new to these forums i have a renault laguna 1.9dci mk 2 i think 2002 model and i have a vibration when putting accelrator pedal down engine seems very loud but not noticed any exhaust blows any 1 help thanks :crazy:
  17. Electronics
    hello im swindon guy and ive just brought a renault 2000 grand espace. Nice tidy motor with full leather and low miles only trouble is my drivers side central locking has just stopped working!! :crazy: any ideas please.
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    Hello all, Im darren just brought me a 52 plate 2.2dci espace. Sold my beloved 85 mini to but this as my partner and i have 5 children between us. i have been a 7 seater owner before but wanted something different this time. so far im very impressed with the espace, Darren
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    Hi everybody :) Just bought a megane and this looks like a really nice place to find info about it Jon
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    After several months trawling through the forum and picking up useful info, I may as well add some of my experiences, horror stories, successes etc. I used to have a Scenic I from new, it was a very good family car, very few problems. Grand Scenic is a different story. This car was not designed...