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  1. Making holes tomorrow

    Campervan Chat
    In the process of getting warm. I'm cutting holes in the Bongo tomorrow morning, I bought an holesaw at Screwfix to help me wish me luck. Chinese diesel air heater fitted in the engine bay but need to get the heat produced into the van. Soon as I can I'll be adding a few photos. I did try with...
  2. NO sunroof drain holes

    I have a 2016 limited edition megane with panoramic sunroof. I have been told this does not have the drain holes which clears water from the roof and I was wondering if this was normal. As the rain does not drain from the roof properly and pours down both the passenger and drivers doors which is...
  3. CLIO III Panoramic Sunroof drain holes

    Hi All, We have water in the cabin on our 2008 Clio. We recently had the front drain cleaned out (and car dried) but we are still getting water in the car? It has the panoramic sunroof, does anybody know if the drain holes are so I can check those as looks like you have to unscrew the sunroof...
  4. Whats missing, help me fill my holes!!

    Evening all! Hopefully the title might get some intrigue! On my espace by the handbrake i have some holes, can anyone tell me what buttons are missing please, one button is broken, and there is at least one cable with nothing attached! could be two but cannot remember. The car is an 04, and...
  5. Laguna drain holes??

    Hello, I've recently noticed that I have water sloshing around in my rear passenger side door on my Laguna 2 sport tourer. I've removed the plug at the bottom of the food and cleaned it then put it back in, for some reason I'm still getting water inside?? All seals etc look fine!! Does anyone...
  6. Laguna II - Water sloshing around in dash - drain holes blocked?

    Hi Guys. I have rain water sloshing around in the dash area below the windscreen. It's also spilling out over the front passengers feet. I'm guessing that the drain holes have been blocked with leaves as it's been windy and rainy recently. Can anyone point me towards a posting that shows how...
  7. 2 of the main engine mount bolt holes are crossthreaded

    as the title says, the car shakes excessively when idling, also the gearstick is jumpy, could these problems stem from the engine mount missing 2 bolts, also how can i rectify this? any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Pot holes

    General Chat
    Got them in your street them anywhere in your community then its time you reported them with.. :d
  9. Filling trim removal holes in bodywork?

    On older cars removing badges or in some cases the trim or chrome strip that runs down the centre line leaves holes in the body. Is there any way of filling these holes so that they become invisible,with say a respray? It seems a v difficult job. I attempted it once on an old vw beetle, grp...
  10. clio sunroof drain holes

    been trying to find these to see if blocked but cant see anything.manual sunroof.2001 1.2 clio dynamique.sometimes hear water sloshing somewhere around fron passenger area and found water under rear seats
  11. 21 Turbo UN1 Pressure Plate Holes don't quite line up?

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I've just purchased a new clutch for my US Renault 21. Last I knew it was model #801229. This is the clutch kit I ordered with Kevlar friction disk. It was the closest match I could find. Here is the...
  12. Drainage holes

    Another problem now drivers side and both wells in the back are full of water, cant believe the luck I am having with this car, where are the drainage holes located in the Coupe mk1 please? and how do I stop this water coming in? any answers most appreciated
  13. Scenic MK2 dec 2003 1.6 16v Dynamique oil in one of the spark plug holes

    hi guys, need a little help i bought scenic mk2 2003 1.6 16v Dynamique couple a weeks ago and noticed it's got a slight misfire (lose of power) in the first gear when you moving off... it's only for a second and than it goes back to normal... so i checked forums and it seemed that the main...
  14. Scenic sunroof drain holes..

    l have started a new thread just for the purpose of scenic sunroof drain holes.. l have two factory fitted sunroofs and need to check and clean the front sunroof drain holes but cannot see them.. Are there different sunroofs fitted on the scenics like as slide or just open slightly. Mine opens...
  15. Laguna back end unstable over pot holes and sharp bumps.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, My Laguna has been unstable at the rear since I bought it. Over pot holes and sharp bumps it seems to hop about and vibrate. I had the bushes changed a while back as they were knocking. This didnt change the hopping problem. I now think its the shock absorbers that require changing but...
  16. hands up who hates pot holes?

    General Chat
    just over 2 and a half weeks ago i went down south to get my new puppy on the way down i hit a pot hole rather hard it was on the m6 i think cant rem i hit the first 1 but avoided the 2nd 1 now any ways i rem saying to the wife ar rrrrrrrrrrr thats gotta hurt but i forgot all about it 2...
  17. holes

    can holes in me exhaust cause the car to have unreliable revs when idle and loose power. there like a water vapour coming out of the front end and by the back. Renault megane 1.4 16v 2003 and is the sensors on it to control the revs some how cheers for any info lads
  18. Drain Holes in sunroof on 2000 clio

    Bodywork brand new here..I have a problem with my wife's clio in that the sunroof seems to be letting in water but not through the usual places. I think it is a drain hole issue....but can I hell find them to poke things down...does anyone have any advice as to where it/they are..The roof is of...
  19. How to fill / cover parking sensor holes in plastic bumper?

    Hi all, The existing parking sensors on my car don't work as they're too close to the ground / too much of an angle. I have the diagrams from Renault so I can refit my sensors in the correct place. But I don't want to have two sets of sensors in my bumper, or 4 holes. So is there any way of...
  20. Speaker holes in the boot?!?!

    I have a 2004 Clio 1.2 and there appears to be two holes either side of the parcel shelf in the boot which look to have speaker covers over them. on closer inspection there are no speakers in there but i was just wondering if these are genuine speaker locations?. If so which size speakers do...