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  1. Horrible Jerky Acceleration - Clio Campus Sport

    Hi, I own a 57 plate Clio Campus Sport I-Music, and I had it Mot'd this year. The garage swapped out a part called the lambda sensor and ever since leaving the garage the car would jerk horribly when pulling through gears. Since I've left for university the car tends not to do it unless I've...
  2. Megane 1.5 dci FAP 110 EDC - air in fuel pipes!

    Hi, I just got a used Megane (110 hp) 30K miles, end of 2010 production. I did drive it a bit around town and noticed it spends a lot of fuel. That was not the least of my concerns as the first time i took a longer ride after about 25 minutes the car started loosing power (cutting off) and...
  3. 1998 Clio 2 phase 1 Windscreen wipers making horrible sounds, scratch and squeak

    Hi all, I Have a 1998 Renault Clio MK II Phase I. I recently had the heater motor replaced as it was completely dead. Coincidentally, afterwards when I put my windscreen wipers on I noticed a horrible sound. When they operate, they sound really stiff and almost as if they are pressing right onto...
  4. Subwoofer problem! Please help! Making a horrible noise!

    In-car entertainment
    Last week i noticed that when i turned my music up just a little, i started to get a horrible clanging noise coming from my boot. I initially thought it might be trimming in my boot might have come loose from the vibration but everything was fine. So i turned the music up again and the noise was...
  5. horrible eclectrical problem please help!

    hi, i have a renault megane v reg 1.6 16v petrol, i have this baffling electrical fault with my car, the battery keeps draining!!!!! BUT... somedays i can leave the car sat for 3-4 days go to it and it will start no problem at all, but somedays ill drive it park it up go to it a couple of hours...
  6. Horrible Knocking Noise

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, I have a W reg 1.6 scenic and was wondering if anybody has any advice! The car has a horrid knocking noise coming from the front passenger side when going over potholes etc, the strange thing is that the car passed it's MOT last week with no advisories for the bushes, ball joints etc. It...
  7. Please help!! Trafic van making a horrible banging noise

    Hi. My 07 LWB Trafic van started making a really loud banging noise from the engine about 2 weeks ago. I took it to my local garage who changed the tappits and swapped the fuel injectors around (?) No joy. The mechanic said he doesn't know what it is. If anyone has any ideas or have...
  8. Horrible whining noise in Engine

    Help :confused: I jumped in to my Husbands Car this Morning and when i turned on the Engine (03 Laguna 11 1.6 petrol) it made a horrible noise like a lawnmower or an aircraft, it seems to be coming from the belt on the Drivers side or around that side. The timing belt and water pump was changed...
  9. Renault Clio 2 - Vibration When Accerating/At 60MPH

    Wheels & tyres
    Clio Sport 182 2002 model drives fine at low speeds but when accelerating through about 55 mph (90kmkh) a horrible shaking starts and continues until speed is around 70mph when it stops. Have had wheels balanced but problem persists. The shaking is not through the steering but like the whole of...
  10. horrible noise as engine starts Scenic II

    My Car has had a horrible noise as it starts it sounds like the starter motor - but I recently took it into my local dealer for a service (foolish me) they said it was to do with the cam belt which needed changing (£600 please !!) but the cam is a chain, which can just be tightened. They said it...
  11. Laguna II - Horrible noise and juddering from engine

    I was driving home from work yesterday morning in my 52 plate Laguna II. There was a horrible noise comming from the engine like a "clunk" and the whole car started to judder as though the car was jumping or the wheels decided to spin. I work for a coach company, and one of the fitters had a...
  12. Horrible noise when steering

    Steering and Suspension
    I've got a feeling this could be an expensive problem - but any advice before I take it to the "experts" may be useful. My steering has started to make an awful groaning noise when I turn left or right. It passed it's MOT a couple of months ago so I assume this is something they would not have...
  13. Horrible GGGGRRRRRRR noise when trying to select 6th

    Cars & motoring
    Took the OH's Scenic out the other day (never really drive it) getting up to speed on the motorway and go to select 6th..... GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH Any ideas? P.S. It's in general chat because I know the answer :rolleyes::d
  14. Horrible e-mails

    General Chat
    Don't ever give away your e-mail address on public forums. Im not sure where mine might be public because Im usually so careful but I keep getting e-mails from someone called Sven DogMaster. (if you are reading this Mister Im not interested!!!) Apparently he wants to "breed" me. Ive complained...
  15. horrible smell from heaters

    Heating & cooling
    hello this happens when engine is hot (its giving me a headache) i get a horrible smell of oil coming through my heaters ive changed pollen filter(needed changing) ive got no oil leaks on engine iam not loosing any oil hopefully i will get time at the weekend to have a look at it iam thinking...
  16. Horrible noise

    My car is 2002 Renault Clio 172 Sport! When my car is in 4th and 5th gear mainly and you put your foot down there is a horrible scratchy and rough noise coming from the left hand side of the engine, it doesnt make the noise when idle and revving but only when in gear and going along. It does...