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  1. Renault Master 2008 - 2.5 Cylinder Head Hose Unattached

    I have a Renault Master 2008 with the 2.5 DCI Engine (G9U). The vehicle is new to me. I have spotted a hose that is connected at the rear of the cylinder head on the belt side of the engine. However does not appear to be attached at the other end. Please see photos below. From the cylinder head...
  2. Anyone knows the serial number for this hose?

    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/KOvNOEC"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> Renault Megane 1.5 dci 106Hp I really don't know the serial number and i'm trying to find to buy a new...
  3. Missing vacuum hose?

    Just spotted what appears to be a missing / broken pipe coming off the vacuum pump on 1.5 dci Kangoo - where should that smaller second connection be connected to?
  4. radiator hose

    Heating & cooling
    I have just bought a Renault traffic 1700 petrol a 1995 model the top radiator hose has two splits in it and I cant seem to find a replacement has any one got any idea were I could get a replacement from thank you for your time donna x:x
  5. Clio mk3 stalls when hose connected

    General Chat
    Hi. Can someone please identify this hose as just bought the car and it was disconnected. When I connect it, the car stalls. Renault Clio 1.2 tce 2008. Thanks in advance
  6. Unconnected hose scenic 1.4

    Hi, my engine has been running a bit poor recently so decided today to replace plugs and coils. However on opening bonnet and having a nosey round. I noticed this hose that***8217;s not connected to anything at one end. The other end goes below the engine somewhere. I***8217;ve attached a pic...
  7. Engine coolant hose clips

    Help needed please, can anyone tell me how to adjust or remove the heater hose clips on my 1994 Trafic T1100 (Photos attached). I have not seen this type of clip before, it has a 'D' shaped piece of plastic where I would expect to see a worm drive screw or nut and I need to tighten or replace...
  8. radiator hose trouble

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone for the last couple of hours I've been trying to undo a radiator hose clamp th as situated under the engine of our grand scenic, but I can't get my pliers and hands in to undo to it, has anyone got any suggestions please? Or do i just need to take stuff out to do it??? ***x1f635; im...
  9. Radiator top hose - internal diameter ?

    Can anyone tell me what the internal diameter of a 1.4 petrol ( K7J ) radiator top hose ( the one that goes from the thermostat housing to the top of the radiator) on a Kangoo? The reason I ask is given my rather expensive travails of late I wish to fit an independent water temperature gauge of...
  10. Mk2 clio heater hose clips

    hi guys hoping you can help. I need to flush the heater core on my mk2 clio (2001, 1.2l, 16v). having looked at the hoses going into the bulkhead they have these strange clips on (see picture) - does anyone know how to take them off? Is it a case of pushing in the button on each side? I don't...
  11. K4M Air hose part number?

    So I want to replace the air hose leading to the air intake resonator of the k4m engine (1.6 16V) on a Laguna I: However, I simply can't find it anywhere - neither on ebay nor anywhere else. Is there a part number or some specific name for this hose? Thank you :)
  12. Clio IV, 0.9: Broken hose... but what is it for?

    Hi Clio Experts Just saw this om my girlfriends Clio IV, 0.9. Whats the purpose of the broken hos? Seems the car drives as it is supposed to... Hope some experts can help me out. Best regards Rune from Denmark
  13. What is this hose please: 2008 Scenic 1.9?

    Hello, there is a small split (marked by red cross) in this hose (white arrow). Can anyone tell me the name of the hose please. Due to go on hols soon - can this wait? Is it a diy job - where does the end not visible go to? Car mpg and performance is ok. Thank you
  14. Fuel Hose

    Ask the Experts
    Any one know how to and if it can be done, change the O ring in the fuel hose at the Fuel Pump? I'm also looking at cutting off the end and connecting a rubber (fuel) hose
  15. Scenic 2006 AC Glove box hose

    Hi I have an issue that the hose that is connected from the glove box is not connected under the dashboard. Can someone help to understand how should I connect it, I found the right place but I do not understand how to connect it. Thanks
  16. Where does this hose go

    On checking my oil recently I noticed that there was an unconnected hose at the front of the engine compartment between the engine and radiator. The hose seems to come from the bottom of the engine but can not see where the top end fits into. Please see attached photo
  17. Trouble finding new spare part for air box housing spare rubber breather hose, part n

    Hi, I am new to the forum so my apologies if I have placed this in the wrong section. Whilst trying to fix idling issues on my young daughters recently purchased Renault Clio Mk2 1.4 16v 55 Reg, my husband has discovered that there is a small short cracked rubber breather hose on the air box...
  18. Clio 2 1.2, 16V Heater Hose Bleed Screw

    Heating & cooling
    Please could someone point me in the right direction to buy a new thumbscrew bleed screw for this car. Cannot find a sure on the Internet strangely. Thanks
  19. disconnected washer hose

    Hi I have changed the washer pump on a renault megane y reg 1600 16v renault megane. The short black hose has become disconnected but i cant find anywhere to plug it back into. Is it behind the washer tank ? spent ages trying to find where it goes but with no luck. To be clear this is not the...
  20. Master 2.3dci, IC hose fittings

    Hi Tried searching without sucess :) Problem is that i cant seem to understand how to get the intercooler hose of the intercooler, its a clip with some black plastic. Dont want to ruin the clamp so im asking how to do this? Never owned a renault before so nevef seen this coupling. Help...