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  1. Hacked Hotmail

    Computer Club
    One or two people here are on my hotmail contact list. Please accept my apologies if you have received a disgusting e-mail from me. Some one has been in my account even though I have a strong password and has actually used it to send out e-mails. It seems to be the case that the person who was...
  2. Hotmail Passwords 'Hacked And Posted On Web'

    Computer Club
  3. Hotmail Problem

    Computer Club
    Hi, Has anyone else got a problem signing into Hotmail tonight? all I am getting is a blank page with big black letters at the top saying Service Unavailable, does not matter if I use Firefox or IE:confused:
  4. Transfer email from hotmail

    Computer Club
    Hi Folks, How do I transfer my emails from an Hotmail account to my documents files ? tried a few things but maybe missing the obvious. Thanks in advance for any assistance given. Regards Ottoman