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  1. Front fog lights housing for a nissan primastar/trafic

    Ask the Experts
    Does any one know how I can fit a pair of fog lights without the housing that clips to the bumper? I have been searching for a means of securing the fogs to the bumper but can't find anything. It's a 2007 primastar but I think its a Renault reslly. Many thanks.
  2. Clio 1.2 thermostat housing leak.

    Heating & cooling
    I have had a tiny leak for some time - topping up maybe a third of an inch after a drive of say 15 miles. I have finally found it - it seems to be coming from the bottom of the plastic thermostat housing. I would normally try to knip the bolts up but that may crack the plastic. Has anyone...
  3. Kangoo Dashboard Cluster Display Housing

    Hello everyone :). I don't suppose someone could please help me in locating a dashboard cluster display housing? I am mainly after the housing itself and not so much the electronics that is mounted inside the cluster. This cluster also sits in the middle and on top of the dashboard. My...
  4. Does a Megane Mk2 1.6L petrol 2006 model thermostat housing have oil galleries too?

    Heating & cooling
    Does a Megane Mk2 1.6L petrol 2006 model thermostat housing have oil galleries too? I'm aware the Megane Mk3 has a plastic thermostat housing which has both oil and water galleries and oil can get into the coolant if the seal fails or the plastic warps, etc,,,, is it the same for the Megane Mk2...
  5. PK6 gearbox probs - possible to change left side housing for drifeshaft joint?

    Hello, my name ich Chris and i am from Germany. My car ist a 2004 Vivaro Life with PK6 gearbox an i love the car. Since a few weeks a hafe a vibratioen during accerlation between 45 an 55 mp/h. I proofed the drifeshaft left / right an they will be fine, also the gearbox and engine...
  6. Wiring plug on diesel filter housing?

    Does anyone know what this wiring connection is actually for? Realised today i've been driving around with mine unplugged since last Thursday with absolutely no issues what so ever. Unless it causes exploding rear windows of course :-)
  7. Thermostat Housing.

    Hi, Would anyone know where I would be able to get the above for a 1998 Megane Coupè? Renault have stopped making them and local shops/garages to me can t get one either. Thanks in advance. Matt Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  8. Adivce on Oil running down my oil filter housing on a renault master.

    Hi I have a 2004, 2.5 renault master with a little oil leak, once the van is running I have noticed oil is running down the bottom of the oil filter housing, at first i thought it was just the seal on the oil filter but on a closer inspection its not. The engine seems clean above and around the...
  9. Water pump housing O-ring

    Hi to all from Cambridge Have a 2000 Scenic 1.6l 16v petrol, K4M 700. I need an O-ring for the coolant pipe on the left front side of the engine where it enters the water pipe housing. Please see attached picture. Anybody would know the size of the O-ring and the original Renault number for it...
  10. O-ring in water pump housing.

    Heating & cooling
    Hi to all I have a coolant leak at the water pump housing where a pipe enters the housing. Please see picture. Anybody knows the O-ring size or number and where can I purchase one. It is a 2000 Scenic 1.6l 16v petro, engine code is :K4M 700. Your help is greatly appreciated and Thank you in...
  11. Clio 1.4 thermostat housing

    Heating & cooling
    Today I have attempted to change the thermostat in our 53 plate clio. I have been able to remove the housing but cannot for the life of me work out how to open it to get to the thermostat itself. Some pictures online show three bolts on the pipe but ours doesn't have them. Another oddity is that...
  12. Trouble finding new spare part for air box housing spare rubber breather hose, part n

    Hi, I am new to the forum so my apologies if I have placed this in the wrong section. Whilst trying to fix idling issues on my young daughters recently purchased Renault Clio Mk2 1.4 16v 55 Reg, my husband has discovered that there is a small short cracked rubber breather hose on the air box...
  13. Thermostat housing gasket on clio mk2 same for metal or plastic??

    Hi I'm net to the forum and only really joined to try find answer to my question as Renault them self's couldn't tell me. so my Clio mk2 1.6 16v thermostat housing has failed I'm leaking oil and oil and water is mixing. right I thought whilst I'm fixing it might as well upgrade to the metal...
  14. Fuel filter housing replacment

    Hi, It looks like I have a leaking fuel filter housing ( air being sucked in) To check I intend to fit fuel house from the rigid fuel supply to the pump with a primer installed in the middle. What does the sensor on the fuel filter housing do, will it allow the car to run without the housing...
  15. 2.0i Scenic 1 one piece thermostat housing

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I have a 1999 Scenic 1 and it has what looks like a one piece thermostat housing howdo I change the thermostat or do I have to buy a complete new housing.
  16. Which gearboxes fits? bell housing

    Hello, I wonder if the following engine types all have the same bellhousing pattern? C-type (Cléon-Fonte) F-type E-type (Energy engine) K-type Thanks Anton
  17. Oil Separator / Breather housing (1.9 dci) 203 Laguna

    How do you clean these things out? can they be done in situ or do they need to be removed or can indeed they be cleaned or is it a replace job only. I have been told that this is a the first step to try if you think you have crank pressure Thanks in advance
  18. Air filter housing removal

    Hi. Something is rattling around behind the air filter housing on my wife's 99 clio rxe 1.6. Driving everyone nuts. I cant see what the problem is and I cant get the housing off the car to get access. Removed all the screws and bolts i can see. I've attached a couple of photos. The housing is...
  19. 150 dCi air filter housing mount rubbers

    It appears that the reason I'm getting an awful noise from the air filter housing is that the mount rubbers need to be replaced. It's evidently a known problem, because the Renault dealer didn't even have to come out to listen to it. It quietens down if I lean on it, but I can't do that and...
  20. How do I open the heater blower motor housing?

    Heating & cooling
    Good evening experts! My wires Renault Laguna Mk2 (2006) has suddenly developed acute asthma and stopped blowing air through the vents. It's the climate control Dynamique model and the climate control computer seems to work fine, but there's no air coming through the vents. I've checked the...