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  1. Fuel pressure solenoid 2.0 ide F5R ?

    Hi guys , new to the forum . I recently inherited a 02 plate laguna in pretty mint condition with 60 k on . On driving i had a loss of power /limp home mode .garage diagnosed a bad fuel pressure solenoid .They have said part can only be sourced from Renault France with a 2 week lead time and...
  2. renault megane 2.0 ide 2001 transmission fluid

    hi there i have reanault megane 2.0 ide 2001 just wondering if anyone knows where the dipstick for reading the transmision fluid is or the filling area is many thanx vinny
  3. Megane Mk 1 2.0 IDE F5R Idling problem

    Hi Forum My Megane Convertible 2.0 IDE (185 000 km) has developed an idling problem. When starting from cold I have to 'catch' the engine on the throttle otherwise it dies until it warms up. Then the idling is erratic - generally between 750 - 1200 r/min. but occasionally up to 2000 r/min. I...
  4. Megane 1 2.0 IDE Cabriolet Intermittent Starting issue.

    Hi, My Megane Mk1 2.0 IDE Cabriolet starts most of the time perfectly, but very occasionally it sounds like it's going to start - Turns over quickly and chugs as if petrol is getting into it, but then doesn't start. From what I have noticed (not sure) if I leave it a while it starts first time!
  5. Megane I 2.0l IDE Hesitating at 5000rpm

    I picked up a Megane 2.0 IDE last weekend for a banger rally in the summer, so far is seems pretty solid for a £250 car (12 months MOT!) but it has a significant hesitation/stuttering at about 5000rpm. The rest of the rev range seems ok and the idle is steady. Any idea what might cause this...
  6. 2001 Megane 2.0 IDE 16v misfire

    I have a Renaut Megane Coupe 2.0 IDE 51 plate 2001 and it has one engine management light on the dashboard and after ten minutes of driving the second engine management light comes on and it misfires. And the car has new spark pugs the coilpack is ok and the HT leads are ok.
  7. Megane 1 Convertible 2.0 IDE airbag ECU

    Hi All The airbag warning and service lights came on at first intermittently, then permanently. After three days investigation by my tame garage they concluded that the problem was with the ECU. They checked the under seat connectors and the steering wheel clock spring. I have removed the ECU...
  8. F5R IDE Megane starting issue

    Well, after reading nearly all the threads related to the (in)famous IDE engine, I haven't find how to solve this, the only similar thread ended with the car... burning ! So, Let me explain the issue: My megane was running for around a year in limp mode as soon as the engine warms so I...
  9. Megane 2.0 IDE F5R Head bolts

    Hi Local garage had my megane for a week now with a failed cambelt. I authorised them to take the head off for an inspection to decide what next. Two of the torx bolt heads have been rounded off by their mechanic(s) during the process and the head still is not off. They are trying to blame me...
  10. Megane 2.0l IDE revving high

    Hi, recently changed the fuel pressure regulator but upon restart the car starts first time but revs at 3000 and idles at that. when pressing accelerator the revs do not go up and it seems to bog down. please help if you can. thanks
  11. 2001 Megane 2.0 IDE 16v misfire

    Can anyone help please. Ive got a 2001 Megane cabrolet 2.0 16v IDE When the car is ticking over there is an intermitant misfire, also when you first put your foot down to accelerate it will misfire then pick up and clear, it is at its worse when under load accelerating from low down then...
  12. F5R IDE piston in F7R engine ?

    Hi every one :) I am from Bulgaria and my English is not very good and I apologize for that ! I have in my garage engine: F7R, F5R IDE and F7P. Who is the best formula to build the engine whit parts from these 3 engines ? I know that f7r block whit f7p cilinder head is very good combination...
  13. IDE Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Now my original one has started playing up and i have read good things about the modified versions from poland. So can anyone here confirm the polish versions actually fix the problem ? Really don't want to scrap my car ! I ordered off ebay and his feedback there seems to confirm that they...
  14. Megane cabriolet ide 2.0 haynes manual

    General Chat
    Hello everyone, i would like some information on where i can find a Haynes manual for my 2002 Renault megane cabriolet 2.0 ide. All the ones i can find on a megane all say not for cabriolet or ide engines. Can anyone advise me on where i would find one tomorrow so that i can replace my...
  15. Megane coupe 2.0 IDE / 2000 no immo light

    My Car has been sat unused for 9 months due to ill health. Had a flat battery, tried to JumpStart, engine turns over but does not start. I have since bought and connected a brand new battery and checked I have fuel and a spark. Suspect immobiliser fault due to NO red led immo light illuminating...
  16. 2.0 ide twin cam Megan SMOKING!

    Got given a free Megan but it has taken up smoking, badly. Sure it's the value stem seals but you have to remove a lot of stuff to get there, including the cams. My question is, and I'm sure it has been asked before but I can't find: - once you take the rhs engine mount off, how do you get to...
  17. Renault Megane 2.0 IDE

    Hi, I have owned my megane ide 2.0l car for little over a month and have probably covered 1500 miles. In the beginning the car was notoriously hard to start when it was cold. (it still is) Then the engine management light started appearing now and again whilst idling. I carried on driving...
  18. Laguna II 2.0 IDE: Error combination: Fuel injection fault + ESP fault

    Hi all! I've had a lot of troubles with my 2.0 IDE this summer and still can't get things fixed. There are strange errors and I'm close to throwing it up and just selling this car to spares, so I will appreciate your help just to get another source of feedback. After injection nozzle...
  19. Megane 2.0 ide blue smoke

    Hi thanks in advance on any advice, I have a megane 2.0 ide recently I cleaned the inlet manifold out put 4 new injectors in, new coil and leads, new fuel reg and sensor, it run right for about 2 months until now it keeps throwing out blue smoke when first run it puts out a little smoke for...
  20. 2000 megane Monaco 2.0 ide limp mode problem

    Hi guys As above my car is in limp mode with squiggle line on dash and its running on two cylinders :( it has new plugs and leads and coil pack and a recent new fuel pressure regulator Ive checked all wiring that i can get to for breaks etc Also ive had the ecu out and it looks fine circuit...