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  1. shared idea

    ] just thought id share a suggestion to help other mk1 scenic owners if you own a mk1 scenic your probably aware of the fact that they have a notorious flaw in the design of the exhaust which causes them to be weak and often need repair or replacement more often than most other exhausts, a...
  2. 1500 mile trip x 2 in a kangoo, is this a bad idea?

    General Chat
    A few months back I bought my Kangoo, its a 1,9 Diesel from 2002, it's got (relatively?) low miles at 75k and everything seems to be running pretty smoothly on it. I was wondering wether people have any info as to what these are like on long distance drives? I am going to a festival in Croatia...
  3. Any idea what these are called?

    Heating & cooling
    Looking for help...can anybody tell me what these are and what retailers I can get a replacement. Thanks.
  4. MkIII Laguna 2.0 DCI DT Rough Idea

    i have had an intermittent rough idle for a while. it is broken into two areas? 1. Idle when station randomly gets stuck at 900 rpm vs 700rpm (for example) a car off and on sorts this problem. 2. when at idle intermittently the idle will drop low and the car shakes. I have had the car checked...
  5. Electronics in cars - a good idea or a bad idea?

    General Chat
    In the dim and distant past I used to be an avionics fitter where it was my job to diagnose and fix faults on aircraft, where on aircraft much of what caused electronics to malfunction and fail was climatic conditions, dirt and corrosion oh and the capillary action of water despite the very...
  6. Any idea what the problem could be?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi everyone, I recently bought a second hand 09 plate Clio 1.2. I've had the car 5 days and my steering has started playing up. The steering feels allot heavier at times and sticks a little, also when I am on the motorway for example it feels like its always trying to go slightly left or right...
  7. C-Box Location in Megane Mk3? Any idea?

    In-car entertainment
    As titled, anyone know where this is located? Is it near the stereo? Cause its not obvious, and googled it and only brings up the unit but no exact photo if its location. Found this but its not exactly showing exactly where it is. Number 5 in the image Number 6 in the image
  8. Dashboard light - any idea what it is? (picture)

    Had this light come up when motorway driving: Any idea what it is? Plugged diagnostics in and nothing to suggest relevance to the light. Not even sure the name of the dashboard light... Help? :mad:
  9. Any idea where I can purchase this part?

    Hi, I own a Renault trafic 2010 and I've got a faulty/broken handbrake cable. I can't seem to find it anywhere (not even my local mechanic can find it). Any idea where I can find it? All help is appreciated. Thanks :d
  10. First car - Studnet. Is a Renault Megane 1.6 convertible a good idea?

    Cars & motoring I just see that car from Autotrader. It looks goods. BUT I have no idea about car. Some friends told...
  11. Megane III 1.5dci Expression - any idea what this plug under the keycard slot is?...

    Hi folks, So, I noticed a loose piece of dash trim under the keycard slot and decided to give it a tug. As you do. I was confronted with this yellow pin plug type thingy (see pic). Any ideas as to what it is? Something to do with the stereo/iPod? Or is it CC/TomTom related? Answers on a...
  12. Good idea or bad..

    General Chat
    What do you think..
  13. No spark, no idea

    Hi. I drive a Megane 2, 1.6 16v 2006 petrol sedan. Last week I was driving when I suddenly lost power, got a brief warning of "faulty injectors" (I think). The car cut out, and now wont start at all. I have removed the battery and checked that. There is fuel in the car, the battery is fully...
  14. idea on small mods for clio 2003

    Tuning & Modding
    hey everyone so I have a nice little 1.2L 16V clio (2003) I have made a couple small modifications such as a new sportex exhaust to make it louder, ive also got a K&N air filter and cold air feed and lastly ive installed foot-well led lights I was just wondering if anyone could suggest some...
  15. 2010 Clio mk3. Are lowering springs a good idea?

    Handling & braking
    Hi, I'm looking into getting some lowering springs for my 2010 Clio 1.2 tce s. My main motivation for this is to improve the looks. I think if it's lowered by 30mm it will look ten times better. I'm guessing that cornering will improve aswell. To be honest, I'm quite happy with how the car...
  16. Fully Synthetic 5w 40 in '04 Laguna dCi 120 - a bad idea?

    Will fully synthetic 5w 40 do my 04 dCi 120 any harm? I'm thinking of Shell Helix Ultra Diesel, which is very reasonable for 5l. For some reason, I have it in my head that the viscosity should be 10w 40. But the only 10w 40 I can find is semi-synthetic. Any advice gratefully received.
  17. dci turbo cartridge good or bad idea

    turbo is worn on my megane 1.9 dci. ive just rebuilt the engine after the engine siezed after blowing its first turbo. are these cartridges on ebay any good. or am i better getting a new turbo. not wanting to spend a fortune on the car but also dont want to buy crap for it and end up doing the...
  18. Sports exhaust on a diesel. Is it stupid idea?

    So I was wondering what if I bought a sports exhaust for my 2003 Clio 1.5dci. From the beginning I invested a lot in it (stupid I know, but what can I say.. its a passion :D) so I might as well just buy an exhaust for it. When its parked everybody assumes its 2.0 Clio sport or at least some with...
  19. Key Fob Faults. Would this idea work?

    Bear with this post, it does get to a point....eventually I had an idea after having a probblem with my sons PS3. It developed what is called the yellow light of death. Basically it means your PS3 is screwed unless you use a procedure that does something to the pcb board. Basically it involves...
  20. any idea how much my car weigh

    Towing & Touring Club
    i have a 2001 renault megane expression (X REG) 5 door hatchback 1390CC (petrol). any idea how much it weigh's?? i cant see the weight in my log book and i dont have the manuel. i was planning on getting a caravan to tow and from what i can see i am able to tow ANYTHING so long as teh...