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  1. help need to identify uch ecu in clio II ph1

    hi my uch ecu part number 8200031556 . i hope one in here has come across this type of ecu . just need the name of the xml file . thanks
  2. Identify Beeping Cause (Clio IV)

    Hello, I am experiencing constant beeping (2 beeps) that occurs only while media nav computer is turned on, if I turn it off then there are no beeps. It is not related to seatbelt or door beeps, they have a different sound. Here is a 5 second youtube clip with the beeping sound:
  3. Could someone identify this Clio II 1.4 16v sensor that came away?

    Hello all, first post of many I am sure. :) I have been working on a 2003 Clio II 1.4 16v that has had intermittent starting problems. I cleaned the magnetic crankshaft sensor, it possibly helped but when the engine got warm it would not re-start. Now it will not start cold. It turns but no...
  4. Please help me identify a bolt

    Steering and Suspension
    Please can someone with the software or knowledge help me identify the bolt (and nut) in this picture. Having a saga with a dodgy garage, I'm going to have to cut the remains out myself and fit a new one. The pic is of the Offside, but I need the Nearside if there is a difference. If I can get...
  5. Identify Engine Model

    Being a bit thick here, or just chasing my tail. Trying to work out which model of M9R is fitted to my car. 08 plate Laguna 3 150hp (110kw) non fap. Bad fuel consumption, no other problems, looks like possible injector(s) - need to do a leak test I know, but, still need the engine code to work...
  6. Can you identify this wire?

    hey everyone, i went to pump up my tyre and found this plug, it is part of the abs loom as the other wire goes to the abs sensor, but this plug doesn't seem to live anywhere, is it one of those optional extras that where never fitted to the car or something? many thanks
  7. Help Me Identify These Parts (Megane MKII Petrol)

    I'm looking to change my fuel filter. I found this guide which applies to Megane MKII's: I decided to check my own vehicle afterwards only to find something quite different under the driver wheel arch (see...
  8. Identify engine on a Floride 1961

    Cars & motoring
    Hi. I got the car from my father who passed away for a few years ago, and i know the engine is not the original one. I have included 2 pictures, one of the engine and another of the plate that was on it, hope theres someone who can help out. I need a new waterpump
  9. Identify thsese left in car?

    What are these, found in the boor of my new purchase? I sold a spare lock on ebay, lets hope they are useful.
  10. Identify this Part ?

    Hi For some time my clutch pedal was making a 'twanging' noise, but before Christmas it stopped. Yesterday whilst I was changing the clock spring the item in the attached photo dropped from behind the dash onto my feet. My guess is that it has something to do with the clutch pedal but what...
  11. Help identify this part? Espace iv 2004 2.0 t

    Please help me identify this part. I found on the big plastic plate under the engine. It is Espace 4 year 2004 petrol 2.0t manual. I suspect the engine (left side gearbox) mount is broken. Could this be a part of that mount? Second question how difficult to replace the mounting? Sorry...
  12. How to identify your vehicle...?

    Steering and Suspension
    First off, apologies if this is in the wrong place - I'm new but the question is technical, but more general technical in addition to section technical. My first question is does anyone have an idea what steering ball joints are applicable to a 1994 Clio 1.4 RT, that is as in part number, so I...
  13. scenic II identify rear discs

    Hi I'm needing to do rear brakes on a scenic II but I am seeing there's a few options (some with same dia disc) Can anyone tell me what needs to be measured ? I am thinking it's the diameter of the stub once this disc and bearing is off but It's really not clear anywhere I look ! I know some...
  14. Can anyone identify this Clio part please?

    My Renault Clio Hatchback (01-08) 1.5 dCi 65 Expression (65bhp) 3d (AC) spat out this part recently from beneath the drivers side dashboard onto my lap. The fan was on full so I suspect it may be part of that system. Attached photo shows part. I've no idea what it is, any ideas please?
  15. Please help identify this part

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi can anybody identify this part for me. I have a Grand scenic mk2 05 plate which has a terrible squeaking noise from the front suspension. Ive changed the anti roll bar drop link as it was a bit battered but if anything the noise has gotten worse. So went back under and had a better mooch to...
  16. Identify Air Box required

    Hi OAP using a gifted 54 Plate Clio mk II Extreme 1.5Dci 65hp Engine no.D813223, to put together properly for a couple of days a week and give me some gentle exercise, if I overdo it I get banned, even the neighbours have a watching brief, but It takes me back to my youth so I will plod along...
  17. Clio D7F Help to identify a part please?

    Hi people I'd like to know if any other people with a Clio D7F engine (I believe mine is this type?) have a certain tube or pipe which appears to have nothing connected to it - it's something I recently discovered below the throttle body but it's hard to get a photo of it due to its position...
  18. Help identify which fuse is which Renault Grand Scenic III

    I'm struggling with which fuse is which, the manual shows a completely different layout, and there aren't any numbers so I am kinda confused!! Here are pictures, one of the fuse panel itself, and the book. Any help would be appreciated, trying to fit a dash cam and want to know the best...
  19. Clio 3 estate - Identify this connector

    Hi - I am shortly going to wire up towbar electrics to my 2012 Clio estate and found this wired connector behind the access cover for the rear L/H strut upper mounting in the boot. Can anybody identify what it is for?
  20. Should this pipe be attached to anything? (Scenic)

    Hi all, I was checking the oil this morning and I discovered this pipe (images attached) that seems to have become detached. It's resting to the right of the engine block. There is an oily residue at the end of the pipe, and on the part of the engine where it's been resting, suggesting a...