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  1. Engines
    I've changed glow plog control unit its good, glow plugs all seam to be fine, egr is fine, no idea what it might be
  2. Engines
    Hi all, I've got a MK3 1.2tce from 2007 with 100,000 miles on the clock which is still a great drive, but for the past few months I've noticed a bit of hesitation if you don't press the accelerator enough from idle. What I mean by hesitation, I hear a few taps and then it powers into life, and...
  3. Engines
    checked engine bracket, exhaust system. the engine is running on all cylinders. furthermore when driving in highway speed is the engine unusual noisy. Could it be timing belt or VTT valve or gear. Can anybody help me?
  4. Engines
    After I turn the car engine off, the vehicle continues to emit sharp whistle like noise for about 25 seconds and then a click sound before it fully turns off. Is this normal? I have never had an automatic car before and have never driven a car with Start/Stop button, its a car just got 2 days...
  5. Engines
    I've had my 2002 Mk II Clio 1.5 dci (diesel) just over a year, had zero issues with reliability or running. This evening it's let me down and I wonder if anyone here can point me in the direction of a solution. I suppose the first signs were when I left the house. Normally it starts right up...
  6. Engines
    Hi, I recently bought this 98k mileage Megane and have discovered 2 problems with it. 1. The clutch pedal.... You need thighs like tree trunks to push it. Should it be this heavy? 2. The engine starts and sounds well initially... until it has been warmed through for a while and then the...
  7. Engines
    Can anyone advise on what my airflow readings should be at idle? I own a 1.9 dci Laguna II estate. I have nursed it through many problems and now find it intermittently running rough at idle, this is getting worse. I plugged my diagnostic computer in and it is saying air flow is in the 30 kg/h...
  8. Engines
    Hi, I have a 2007 1.9 DCI Scenic. I have read lots of posts about the P0235 code (that I have) and the various causes and remedies. Haven't found a post with exactly the same symptoms. If I start the car, immediately run the revs to 1500 and move off keeping the revs up all is well. Once I...
  9. Engines
    Hi guys, got a 07 1.2 petrol Kangoo. Went into limp mode a few weeks ago. Turning off and on sorts it but has been getting progressively worse. Garage said needed a new throttle body because it was revving high while idling. Seemed to fix it for a couple of days but back in limp mode and over...
  10. Ask the Experts
    Hello, my 2009 Megane has started making a shuddering noise when idle, it goes away when I move the car but always comes back when idle. It's not loud but it's definitely something that's not happened before. Has anyone any idea what this could be? Many thanks
  11. Engines
    What's Idle RPM for Renault Laguna III - 1.5 dci? How to adjust it ? I changed my fuel filter and seen RPM got increased, show pickup difference, small bubbles in fuel line.
  12. Engines
    Hi all. As I've recently posted in the introductions part, I have a problematic Spanish registered 2000 Clio1.2 Alize. It's been stood in a Spanish garage for 12 months and recently I needed to move it. Obviously the battery was flat so that went on charge for 24 hours then I had a go at...
  13. Engines
    Hi, I did a throttle body valve cleanup on my megane couple of months back and have been driving it regularly since to let it learn by itself the new positions for the valve. Seems like the idle is good normally when I start it but gets up to 1500 - 2000rpm when I any of the following: 1. on...
  14. Engines
    Recently (past few days) the car has acted a bit weird. I live on a hill (about 20/30 seconds either way to reach a traffic light) but when started for the first time in the day it does this: Starts perfectly fine Idles at 1200rpm for some reason, tries to cut out after 10 seconds of idling I...
  15. Engines
    Hi guys new to the forum need some help just picked up a 2003 kangoo van 1.5dci running lumpy at idle fault codes ive got are df116 camshaft sensor circuit no signal which ive change the sensor today and thats staying on not sure were else to look also ive noticed that one of the glow plugs is...
  16. Electronics
    Hi guys, Well I got given this car which I knew was not perfect but it just seems like one thing after the other and it's getting mega stressful now. My missus is 30 weeks pregnant and I lost my job so money is tight and the pressure is on to get this car working right. I can't afford massive...
  17. Ask the Experts
    where is the position of the air idle valve on a 2004 renault clio 14 16v can you help please.
1-17 of 500 Results