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  1. Bodywork
    Hi. New to this forum. Been looking at the forum at searching on it for a solution. In the process of fitting tow bar. But having touble removing bumper. Followed guide here Sorry that link is copy righted so its been removed.. to the point where I am to loosen bumper from rear wing. Screw...
  2. Engines
    Has anyone replaced the spark plugs on a Twingo III. If so, how is it done?
  3. Engines
    Has anyone carried out an oil change on a Twingo III? If so, are there any special instructions?
  4. Bodywork
    I need a replacement rear bumper for my Laguna III Sport Tourer (KT1E). Checking the parts diagram, the part number is 850220006R, but my insurer's estimator has quoted 850223761R. As one of these is about 3 times the cost of the other, can anyone definitively tell me which one is right, please...
  5. Engines
    The book says 5 Lt. Online suggests 4.8 Lt. Does anyone know? MEGANE III Hatch 5 Door 2009 - Petrol 1.6 16v.
  6. Electronics
    Can some one point me in the direction of which ECU I should be looking in to enable the PDC lines in the display in the instrument cluster. Mine has vanished. PDC is working perfectly front and rear. Thanks.
  7. Bodywork
    Hello everyone. If I'm sat in the car when its raining, I can here a slow thud of water dripping. The noise is coming from the driver door. No water is getting into the cabin. I've recently done work on this door. I changed the actuator, which involved removing the door card. I put everything...
  8. Electronics
    Hi All, I have a 2008 Laguna 1.5 Dci estate Does anyone know what each of the fuses are / have a layout - for the fuses in the engine bay fuse box - photo attached
  9. Electronics
    Hello, I have a 2008 Renault Laguna 1.5 Dci estate. I was not sure if to post this thread under electrical or heating and cooling anyway my question. Is there a diagram available showing exactly what the fuses / relays are used for in the engine bay fuse box. The glove box fuse box is very...
  10. Engines
    Hello All, new to the forum - however i need to change the glow plugs on my Laguna III - 2008 model year - with a 1.5dci engine to gain access there is a need to remove a pipe that goes over the engine - the pipe fits into a rubber hose at either end and is held in place by clamps. these are...
  11. For sale
    Renault Laguna III GT 205 I have owned this car for 18 months and have enjoyed every mile of driving it. Genuine sale - very rare car, drives really well. Recently did the NC500 in Scottish HIghlands and the car was fantastic, did not miss a beat and also returned 38mpg. The car is for sale...
  12. Electronics
    Hi all, I'm having issues with my Renault Clio III 1.5 DCI. I started noticing the issues after one morning after finding the battery flat. When the battery was recharged I noticed a rapid clicking sound coming from the EGR valve and the fuel pump. In this video I disconnected the battery at...
  13. Transmissions
    Hi, first timer here! Can someone please give me a rough idea how much a replacement clutch would cost at a local garage? Thanks Si
  14. Electronics
    Good evening. I have a Scenic III 1.5 dCi (2009) and have had problems with the rear fog lamp. The lamp was partially filled with water (now drained and cleaned), the bulb holder was drenched and rusty (also now cleaned) the connector and wires were also wet (now dried). Bulb(s) tested and all...
  15. Electronics
    Hi, grateful for any advice if possible? I am hoping to install a DIY tow bar kit on my 2010 (60 plate) Grand Scenic III 1.5 dci. I have ordered a compatible "Brink" tow bar and a universal wiring kit ( ). I've read...
  16. Engines
    What's Idle RPM for Renault Laguna III - 1.5 dci? How to adjust it ? I changed my fuel filter and seen RPM got increased, show pickup difference, small bubbles in fuel line.
  17. Electronics
    When I press the unlock button on my key card, all the doors unlock except the driver door. The driver door will only open from the inside. I tried spraying some WD40 on the actuator but it didn't help. You can hear the mechanism buzzing as if something is stuck (not turning) each time I press...
  18. Electronics
    Hi all ,, i have a 2010 clio 1.2L engine and it wont start (no spark) the fuse for the ignition coilpack is okay but i cant messure any power on the three wires at attaches to the coil so i need an electric schematics /diagram to trace where the power cuts ,,, can anyone help me...
  19. Electronics
    Just bought a 2009 Lag III Initiale. Has all the usual toys including the centre console stereo joystick and front and rear PC etc. Came with two sets of Renault alloys, a 17 and an 18 inch set. Neither of which have tpms valves. There is no TPMS screen on the instrument info display. My...
1-19 of 500 Results