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  1. Got the Van back with new EGR but still lights illuminate on pressing accelerater

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next, after trying a new EGR valve, just came out of the garage. Still I get this triple warning lights flashing for 5 secs, I can drive through the warning lights with no obvious signs of problems, usually happens between 1500pm - 3500rpm. It's...
  2. Dashboard does not illuminate Megane 1.9 Grand Scenic

    Hi all, I have a problem with the dash not illuminating on Grand Scenic 1.9 LED type with speedo and warning lights etc built in. Their is also a clicking noise coming from underneath the dash. At first I was driving along and the dash lights went out. I stopped the car and restarted and they...
  3. do the rear window switches illuminate on 2006 scenic

    have just purchased a 2006 scenic 16vtt dyna i wondered if the rear window switches should illuminate also found burnt out light switch in glovebox and missing light switch in boot plus blown bulb in centre console i wondered if this may be connected as the bulb was also blown in glovebox i have...
  4. Xenon lights - how far do yours illuminate?

    Just asking as I went down a country lane earlier on that had no lighting and they were illuminating only about 10 metres in front of the car (about the same as just using front fogs), with main beam on it was like 'hello - light!!' It illumuniated for what felt like miles compare to the xenon...