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  1. Megane 1.5dci 2006 switch illumination

    Hi newbie here thanks for having me. I have a 2006 Megane 1.5dci 106 and on drivers door the 4x window switches only the rear window switches are illuminated and also the front passenger door switch is not illuminated also the electric mirrors switch is not too. Is this a fuse as seems strange...
  2. Climate control illumination - Grand Scenic

    Heating & cooling
    Hello :smile2: My Wife has a Grand Scenic and we've just had the resonator and loom replaced, so we're now nice and warm in the car (and the kids are happier!) however, the illumination on the LCD display isn't working (it was intermittent before the it went to the garage, so not related) all...
  3. Kangoo 2005 dashboard illumination lights flickering

    The dash illumination back lights for the rev. counter and speedo on my 2005 Kangoo are not working correctly when the engine is running. Here is what I have found out so far: 0) The rear lights, brake lights, side lights and headlights work correctly. 1) With the ignition key half-turned and...
  4. Heater Control Illumination (bulbs)

    Hello, I have a 2005 Laguna Sport Tourer. Two of the bulbs have stopped working that light up the heater control panel. I have had the unit out. There are three bulbs. The middle one is working. Renault say I need to buy the whole unit for £130.00 plus VAT. The bulbs are cased in a blue...
  5. Megane Mk3 heat contol illumination.

    Hi. I have a Megane Mk 3 deisel tourer with manual a/c. There appears to be no illumination behind the temparature control knob although the two other knobs are lit normally. My haynes suggests that there is only one bulb fitted and this is accessed by removing the heater contol unit. If some...
  6. Espace Sat Nav

    Hi does anybody know if the Sat Nav controls on a Renault Grand Espace illuminate in the dark? If they should does anybody know if they have an independent fuse or how to replace the bulb??? Its a 2008 Grand Espace with the intergrated Sat Nav in to the dash. Thanks for any help Jay
  7. Clio Radio Clock & temp illumination

    Hi, My daughters Clio (2003). During the day her radio, Clock and outside temp are illuminated, but when she puts on the lights they go out. As the display works during the day, the bulbs must be OK but for some reason they extinguish as soon as the lights are switched on. I have...
  8. Dashboard Illumination not working?

    Hello all.. I have a Renault Trafic (08) van and the dasboard illumination has stopped working just for the speedo and rev counter. Petrol/engine temp are fine, as are all the warning symbols. I am unsure how to get to the bulb to change it? Any suggestions would be great... Cheers...
  9. Electric mirror switch illumination

    Hello,I have a 2011 scenic iii tomtom bose edition. I have noticed that at night when the headlights are on, the buttons for the electric windows light up however the buttons for the mirror adjustment do not.I wondered if this was normal or do I have a bulb out or something? Thanks for anyone...
  10. Steering wheel illumination

    Sorry if this seems a daft question. Since I have got the Laguna, last night was the first time that I had actually driven it through the night. All is well but, should the controls for the cruise control on the steering wheel illuminate. The on of switch does but these are the adjustment...
  11. illumination in heater control

    Morning all I am the proud owner of a 60 plate Renault twingo. Since having the car a couple of weeks I have noticed that the illumination in the heater control does not work. All the other lights in the heater panel work. Can anyone give advice on changing the lamp. Best regards Cath
  12. dashboard illumination

    My renault megane coupe dashboard illumination lights went out while I was driving and I was wondering does anyone have any ideas as to what may have caused it please help thankyou
  13. Laguna 2 Cruise Control button illumination

    The two cruise control buttons on my steering wheel do not light up at night. I've seen over people ask about this on here but cannot find anyone who has offered a solution. I'd like to know: 1. Should they light up? 2. If so how do I go about fixing them? Thanks in advance - if there are no...
  14. clio 3 heater illumination

    I have not got illumination lights behind the heater temp /speed control how do I access behind these knobs ?thanks
  15. Heater controls illumination?

    Hi guys just been having a quick look on the forum (which is fantastic btw) for a problem I have with my 09 clio, I picked the car up today but as it became dark I noticed the heater control panel did not illuminate when the lights came on? Now am I missing something simple or could there be...
  16. dash illumination and mirror problem

    hi, wondering if someone could help please? a few days ago i left the clio window open in the rain... the electric mirror, and window switches got soaked, the mirrors, windows and dash board illumations didnt work ... a bad smell of burning in the car, lead me to look at the electric window...
  17. Laguna II 1.9dci Dashboard Illumination

    Hi all, New to this site and i have tried searching for a solution to my woe (1 of many lol) to no avail. Basically my illumination on my dashboard is either extremely dim or at times not on not on. All the warning lights such as indicators, headlights, fogs etc all work fine as does the...
  18. Grand Scenic 56 window switch illumination

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I have a Grand Scenic 1.6 56 7 seater and the window switches have all stopped illuminating. I took one of the switches out and the bulbs are not getting any power, Itested it with a test meter, that is except for the passenger rear which is lit but very dull...
  19. Dim Clock/Radio and Dashboard Illumination

    I have a W reg Megan Scenic 16v sport, on Monday the clock/radio display suddenly went so dim I can hardly see it, then yesterday the whole dashboard illumnation dimmed to so much that I could not see my speed etc at night. I was thinking perhaps the dimmer switch but can't see how the clock and...
  20. In-dash 6 CD changer front button illumination

    Hi. I am a virgin forum-er so apologies for any etiquette errors I may make. I've got a Meg II on a 56 plate, it's a 1.9dci Dynamique. I have bought a compatible in-dash 6 cd changer to fit under the existing head unit. I have also purchased the cable which goes from the changer to the hu and...