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  1. Electronics
    Hi all bought a 51 laguna off ebay problem it has is the immob light is flashing rappid and the steering lock wont come off is there any things i could try to solve this ?
  2. Electronics
    Hi all, i got given a 2000(v) laguna 1.8 sport from my neighbour, he lost the keys and smashed the ignition barrel transponder ect off thinking he could hot wire it, so my question is what do i need to get it running? Thanks Murdo
  3. Electronics
    Hi can anyone help!! keys lost for an R reg scenic getting car open isn't a problem (RAC) and can get a key to open it and get steering lock off by removing door lock and visit to local locksmith but is there anyway to get around the immob??? as the dealer want a fortune to sort it out if...
  4. Electronics
    Hi all, my first post and my first Renault. I have a 53 Megane 1.5d Extreme. Yesterday the driver window decided to play up. After parking I stopped and started the car and the window closed, whereas before the window motor had only made a quiet, non-productive noise. This morning, depsite...
  5. Electronics
    :crazy: hi out there,only just joined got my first ever renault(scenic 1998)--browsed the site and got a little confused with all the answers to a couple of questions i have--so can anyone please fill me in on the these points please,,, is the immob code in the inside of key the full code or do...
  6. Laguna
    :) Hi all!! Total newbie so be gentle with me! desperately need info in how to input the key code using the accelerator peddle and the wash wipe stalk. Laguna 1995 2.0 rt auto.many thanks guys.