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  1. 2007 mk3 immobilised

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    I have a 2007 mk3 Clio was running sweet only 50k on it full service history well looked after car jumped in it today and turned key nothing all i***8217;m Getting is immobiliser light constantly flashing very fast anyone had this happen to them if so what***8217;s the next step thanks
  2. Clio immobilised

    Hi. I own a 1.4 16v clio 2004. Went to go out earlier but key fob didnt unlock car though light does come on on key. Opened car manually via passenger door and opened driver door. Found that the immobiliser light wasn't flashing at all. Put key in ignition and all other icons came on but no...
  3. Megane Coupe Mk2 1.4l Immobilised!

    Put my Megane Coupe Mk2 2002 Privilege+ in for a clutch repair. The garage had to temporarily disconnect the battery. On picking the car up after repair, I drove away and noticed that the indicators weren't working at the first corner, nor the driver's window or the wind screen wipers. I drove...
  4. no unlock, and immobilised

    I love my W Megane. I really do. I've had her 10 years and she's been a good girl - most of the time. But now she's driving me bonkers. Two intermittant faults that the garage can't be bothered to look at, because of her age, maybe. 1. The immobiliser won't switch off when she is too cold. If...
  5. 1999 renault laguna immobilised

    Although my infra-red fob key opens car doors on 1999 renault laguna 1.6v sport, a red light flashes rapidly on dashboard and car won't start.
  6. Clio Mk2 immobilised.

    My 2001 1200 Clio will not start. The ECU has been checked by a qualified agent and is 100% aok, all codes good , immobiliser going off. There is no spark or fuel pump. Something is "mimicking" the immobiliser. The crank position sensor has been changed , also the ignition module. A quick...
  7. Espace IV immobilised - can't get in

    We found our Espace IV locked and unable to be opened, even with the little key in the key card. Is this a flat battery (if so, how do we get in the engine bay without access to the car?) or something else? I don't have homestart recovery!
  8. Mobilization immobilised

    Hi all I'll be brief :d Car = 1998 Megane Coupe 1.6 8v Problem = Need to locate Immobiliser sensor. Right, I've checked this and other sites and just about everyone says that the sensor is located in the interior light console. I carefully removed the cover using a big bodger and a claw...
  9. Clio Immobilised

    Hi, A freind of ours has a 1.4 Renualt clio on a P reg, And the battery went flat, A week later he went out to start it and it just won't start. He seems to think the immobiliser has kicked in, Is there a way around unimoblilising the vehicle, Or is there any common problems or known faults...
  10. Laguna II immobilised?

    Hi I have Laguna II the one which comes with Key Card. The car is parked in the parking place. The doors are not unlocking when i try to unlock it using the unlock button on the key card. There is no sound or the lights when the I am pressing the unlock button, which will be there usually when...
  11. Car immobilised!

    Hey folks, first post on here! right, my mum has a 2002 renault laguna DCI, this morning she went to it at work and inserted the keycard, the dash keeps saying insert card and the immobiliser light stays red constant, now.... there has been evidence of water in the passengers side footwell, we...
  12. Totally immobilised or what?

    My Clio decided to lock me out on Saturday. Neither key fob unlocked the car nor did the key. It had behaved fine on Friday when I drove it back from work. Today it's booked into the dealer...Britannia Rescue turn up to see what's what before arranging to tow it away and all of a sudden the...
  13. help me!!!! im Immobilised

    Ok I’ve searched the forum for similar problem but non really come to a conclusion. My story of woe My battery went flat in my key fob, (YEA THAT OLD CHESTNUT) it was over a week before I managed to get to halfords to get a new battery. In the week without a battery I was using the key to...
  14. Laguna II immobilised

    Is there any way of fixing an immobiliser problem other than going to a Renault Dealer? My keys lock and unlock the doors OK, but when inserted, I get the red indicator permanently lit, which I believes means immobiliser failure. :confused: