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  1. Clio immobiliser

    Ask the Experts
    Evening all, Have a x reg clio in work at the minute, had it in for MOT, parked it back outside afterwards and when I came to start it later in the day it didn***8217;t start. The round immobiliser light and coil light on dash board don***8217;t light up at all when putting the ignition on...
  2. Immobiliser help

    Hi, I'm just wondering if its possible to swap ECU ,UCH and keys from one Renault Trafic to another. Thanks for reading
  3. 2011 Nissan primastar immobiliser LED

    Ask the Experts
    Hi has anyone on here got a 2011 Nissan primastar? Do they have a flashing immobiliser led/spanner on the dash at all to say immobiliser is active , searched everywhere can’t find any info on the immobiliser light I know the trafic/vivaro have one , I now own one that starts and cuts out it’s...
  4. no remote locking no immobiliser light no start

    Hello I'm new to the forum and probably like many found you when searching for a solution to a problem... I've owned my Megane Cabriolet 2003 mk1? 1.6 petrol manual for about 6 weeks. It has low-ish mileage at 58k and a stamped history to 48k, all the books and 2 x remote keys (with the red...
  5. master 2.5 diesel solid red immobiliser light

    hi everyone i have a solid red immobiliser light on checked fuses tried spare key no joy so i brought a ecu kit for bus changed key with barrel changed uch changed ecu still no joy driving me crazy is there any relays which could cause a problem i also have stripped wiring that comes of ecu to...
  6. Immobiliser constantly on

    Renault Clio 1.4 16 valve The immobiliser light on the dash is constantly flashing even when the key is removed from the ignition. The car will not start.
  7. Intermittent immobiliser problem.

    General Chat
    Hello. I have a March 2003 Megane Scenic Mk1 and recently it has started playing up. A couple of times after parking the car I have come back to it to find I can get in the car by using the key fob but when I try to start it, it will turn over but will not fire. I find it can take quite a few...
  8. Renault Laguna 1998 - Immobiliser

    Cars & motoring
    Hello! I could not get any help on swedish forums about the immobiliser issue i have. Car: Renault Laguna 1998 - 1.6 16V Petrol. For about a week ago my car decided not to start and after some trys locking/unlock the car by the car key button it worked. But its always doing this so you either...
  9. 05 dci clio immobiliser

    I have had no luck with getting help on my none start problems so I will attack this another way. Has anybody every had a problem where the little red immobiliser light has stopped working altogether, what other problems did this lead to and how do I fix it?
  10. 1997 Clio - Various Electrical Questions

    Hi there, New member here, picked up this little car for beer money a few months ago initially thinking of it as a stop gap car but it's been reliable and surprisingly enjoyable to drive and my son turns 17 next Feb so thinking we might keep it and pass on to him to learn in. This being the...
  11. Engine immobiliser on car want start steering column fault showing on diagnostic

    Steering and Suspension
    Engine immobiliser on car want start steering column fault showing on diagnostic. Hi I have a 2008 espace 2.0 dci it cut out on me as I was driving along and flashed immobiliser fault I have had a diagnostic report and it shows a steering column fault sterling lock not engaged...
  12. Trafic immobiliser light

    Hi. Jumped in the van last week, wouldn't start. Very unusual as it has always been really good. After numerous attempts noticed the red immobiliser light was on solid (not flashing) when ignition on and when cranking. Engine not firing up. Eventually got a vehicle electrician to come and look...
  13. Clio III 1.4 16V immobiliser issue ** FIXED**

    2006 Renault Clio III 1.4 16V BR0A. A bit of history in case anything here is relevant: The car recently failed to start, error P0300 Powertrain Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected, new crank sensor fitted, it worked again. Car has had "Braking Fault" and ABS light on dash, DF017...
  14. Bad Battery? Dodgy Fuse? **Fixed**

    Recently disconnected my battery - was having door electrical issues (wouldn't lock), so disconnected battery over night - come to reconnect it today and i'll i'm getting is a rapid clicking type noise and the red immobilizer light is present on the dash. My multimeter has done a disappearance...
  15. Kangoo immobiliser

    My immobiliser has become intermittent on my 07 1.5 diesel kangoo. Auto key told me that it could be a bad connection on the ecu. My question is where is the computer and did anybody have this problem. Only sometimes the light would stay off.
  16. Megane Immobiliser issue

    Hi all. Just had my 1999 Megane Coupe revived from an immobiliser shut out. Remote locking an all was working fine, but no start. Cost me £80 to call out recovery service, and work their 2 minute magic.. Not a big deal, I but had exactly the same issue on the car, 15 months previously. Back then...
  17. �97 Clio RT - odd immobiliser problem

    ‘97 Clio RT - odd immobiliser problem Hi all, first post as a recent Renault owner. I recently bought a low mileage 1.4 RT auto, pretty much the careful older lady owner, only drove it to church etc. 38k verified by old MOTs and only 70 odd in the last 18 months... It’s developed an odd...
  18. Immobiliser not coming off

    Hi there, we have just purchased a 2004 (04 plate) Scenic 1.6 VVT Dynamique very cheaply as it won't start. The guy we bought it from said that it was running fine until he pressure washed the engine and since then it appears that the immobiliser is stuck on. We have changed the batteries in...
  19. Help please

    Hi, I'm a student who drives a 2003 Clio who knows pretty much nothing about cars so need help/advice. On Sunday morning, I was letting my car idle and after about 2 minutes I switched the car off. 5 minutes later when I went to drive, the ignition wouldn't turn on but my radio turned on, my...