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  1. Electronics
    Hi Looking for a bit of advice for a problem with our 2004 Master - the left indicator is stuck on at all times. When you try to indicate right, it briefly flashes right (one flash of the exterior lights and corresponding light on the dash) then back to left. Have tried bulb replacements...
  2. Electronics
    Hi all, Haven't posted for a long time now and my apologies to those who did reply to me with an answer to my last question. For info, the last issue did turn out to be a big gap where the spring should have been! Anyway, back to now. I have an indicator stalk on the Master 2 that sporadically...
  3. Electronics
    Following a battery replacement, the indicators on my 2010 megane stopped working. They fail to flash externally from the indicator stalk or hazard button. The indicator light on the dash will flash once and the sounder will click once. Any ideas?
  4. Espace
    I have the common problem of new led indicator lights, leading to a rapid flash. The speed and sound of the flash suggests that it is the old bi-metal strip switch, not a computer, that is causing this. Does anyone actually know if this model has a conventional flasher unit, and if so, how to...
  5. Electronics
    Hey, I’m having an issue with my Dacia Stepway. The passenger side Indicators have stopped working completely, when the car is locked, unlocked, hazards and using the indicator stalk. I’ve had the indicator stalk replaced at a local garage this hasn’t fixed the issue, the fuses were checked this...
  6. Electronics
    Aarrgh! MOT failure. The indicator bulb is okay. If I apply power to the live side it works, suggesting the earth is okay. Both cables seem to be a light violet colour. What I would like to do next is see if the bulb wiring is failing within the door. To do that I need to know which...
  7. Heating & cooling
    Ladies, gents, today we had beautiful weather here, -8 celsius, started the car without any issue, started the journey. When i came close to the highway finally the digital temperature indicator came to the mid level after a few kilometers i left the highway and traffic!! started. When my eyes...
  8. Electronics
    A couple of weeks a go i had an MOT and my headlight was replaced. Last week my indicator started clicking rapidly and i noticed that the left rear side bulb had gone. I got it replaced but today it has gone again. I also have now noticed the rear tail light on the right has gone. Have i been...
  9. Electronics
    Can anyone tell me where to find the indicator relay on megane 1.5 dci 2012. Have tried all visable relays with no joy. thank you
  10. Engines
    The glow plug indicator comes on when I accelerate and there is a dip in power. I don't know where to start here. Was directed to this forum (Hi all!) Any ideas out there. Have read through other threads but can't find corresponding problem/answers. Many thanks
  11. Electronics
    Can anyone shed some light on this for me, last night whilst indicating to turn left all of the indicators on the one side stopped working? When stalk clicked down doesn't even make the clicking indicator noise and no green indicator on the clocks panel. Pulled over and tried the hazards to see...
  12. Electronics
    My Megane has developed a problem with the nearside rear indicator which I think could possibly be an earthing problem. With the indicator on & braking, the whole nearside rear cluster flashes faster than the normal indicator. Can anybody help?
  13. Electronics
    Hi, recently took the car in for the MOT and it failed because the light stalk ins't staying on all the time... been like this for 3 years never really been a problem as you push it a few times and itll engage. I have took the unit off and looked inside everything looks fine so im guessing it's...
  14. Ask the Experts
    A few weeks ago my '53 plate Renault Master 100dci started intermittently indicating left and moving the stalk had no effect. removed the stalk and cleaned the contacts thoroughly and after replacing it all seemed fine for a couple of weeks. Now though the problem has returned, so bought a used...
  15. Electronics
    Is there anyway way to turn the above off? It's flaming annoying...:crazy:
  16. Electronics
    Hi Guys I have a issue. my indicators and hazards not working. it clicks at the bottom of the fuse box but no lights on dash and bulbs outside. I have checked all the fuses and all is fine. iam not sure if it is the flashing Unit or what. when i press the button on my key the car locks but...
  17. Electronics
    Hi all, So my Clio mk3 side lights won't come on unless I apply the indicator after turning the dial to the side light setting. This tells me it's the contacts that have failed. I got a new indicator stalk and want to fit it, but no garage I speak to wants to touch a job where the customer...
  18. Cars & motoring
    Hi I have had this light coming on and going off next day. When the light is on and I accelerate feels like something stops the car going further. I have run the test and diagnose machine and no fault found. Anyone knows what the problem is please?
1-18 of 303 Results