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  1. Looking for Renault laguna 3 1.5dci torque App Parameter Info

    Ask the Experts
    Looking for Renault laguna 3 1.5dci torque settings, Request to please share.
  2. Engine Info / parameters

    hello all : wondered if anyone has got any time handy if they can look at these figures and see if they seem OK , or if something could be improved. The car is running OK , but you know if there is anything that can be improved I wouldnt mind finding out. and also what about the idle speed...
  3. Satnav - Traffic delay info no longer available

    The satnav no longer shows traffic delay info or suggests alternative routes. The top of the column in the display just shows a rotating arrow as though it is waiting for a signal from somewhere. The radio is working and is tuned to BBC Radio 4. Has there been a change somewhere as to how the...
  4. DIY remap for 1.9dci Trafic info needed please

    Tuning & Modding
    Hi to all I am thinking of Remapping my 2005 Trafic 1.9dci 100 as I am now using it as a tow vehicle and would like a little more low down pulling power to get its self and the trailer up hills. I have been reading a few past post about remapping the ecu on the 1.9dci engines but these post...
  5. Snapped cambelt info required

    Hi All My first post on here but am on a few other motor forums. A friend of mine has a 51 plate megane, 1.6 petrol, I am told it has a K4m 700 engine in it, the car has only done 42000 miles, she only purchased the car 4 weeks ago and unfortunately, we believe the cambelt has gone (diagnosed...
  6. Clio 1.5 dci cylinder head swap info

    Hi Guys, After a couple of years away I've now got my mark 2 Clio back 2004 dci 100bhp. Love the car - little go-kart. This forum kept it running for the 5 years I previously owned to so thanks to all who contribute. So, I've got it back with blown head gasket. I've stripped it and see signs...
  7. Renault Scenic II Wiring Coding System Info

    Hello all, We have this Scenic II in our garage which has been behaving strangely and it turned out that it had suffered rain entry. As a result, water has collected in the underfloor space beneath the driver's seat in a pool, exactly where there is a 52-pin connector (named R2 in Renault...
  8. bit of info and fun

    General Chat
    this guy is good turns a normal video into fun
  9. 1.4 gt line info

    Exterior styling
    Hi everyone, new to the forum and picking my 2011 1.4 gt line up on tuesday. Just wanted to know if anyone on here has modded theirs a little, as I want to change the stance and look by wheel spacers and lower it a touch. But I would need to know specific spacers( was thinking just 15mm?) And...
  10. Needs help info on induction for 2014 0.9tce clio mk4

    Hi guys have any one done a induction for the clio mk4 0.9 turbo I would love to do one for mine some help or photos will be much appreciated as I am in south africa Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  11. IOS software and clip info and Android question

    Tools & equipment
    Clio 3 tce 2012 petrol, looking to get software and clip info. (Sorry if this is related to other threads but didn't want to hijack!) As I'm sadly welded to Apple :crying2: (it's a family thing) I just looked on phone ios apps for Torque obd apps. There are quite a few choices. There seem to be...
  12. Hi all, just after some info on dirty diesel engines if anyone knows please?

    Hi all, just after some info on dirty diesel engines if anyone knows please? Basically my kangoo has died and I need a k9k. After looking through eBay and seeing that Renault seem to have hundreds of different variants seemingly defined by the last 3 numbers of the code? I was wondering if there...
  13. laguna 3 Radio info not displaying

    hello, i recently bought a laguna 3 and my radio info is not displaying on my navi screen. my navigation works perfectly and my radio for as far as i know the radio also works(i can listen to cd's or local radio stations) it just doesn't display on my navigation screen. i think its a...
  14. No album info etc on Megane mk4 rlink 2

    In-car entertainment
    Hi, When I connect my phone to my rlink2 via Bluetooth & I'm streaming music (Spotify) there is no information about the album, artist etc. Why is that? It also doesn't work with any music stored on my phone so I don't think its a Spotify issue. It worked no problem in my (14 reg) Clio. I...
  15. cant find the thread of info

    General Chat
    a member listed a wireless odb diagnostics saying get version x not y anyone remember what is was or where the thread is Ron
  16. Trafic Clutch Slave Cyl info

    Had many cases of traffic owners losing pedal pressure without warning, usually after spells on the motorway. Often they can regain the pedal by bleeding and are fine driving round town, but lose pressure again on the motorway. Somehow the cylinder sucks in air without leaking fluid. Usually...
  17. engine info

    hello we recently had an engine and gearbox put on our lorry as the engine went previously but were having problems making sure everything is in good working order. ideally i need a td35 980 manual but cant find one. i just need some one to tell me a bit mote about the engine thanks
  18. Add external temperature info to Clio Mk. III

    Hi all! This is my first post. I have a 2010 Clio III 1.2, and it never had showed the external temperature info, even when I bought it seven years ago. I've realised that there is a place in the center dashboard to show this information (in the upper right corner) but it never shows up. Has...
  19. Info on later mk1 kangoo speedo wanted

    Yep me again lol. I've seen on the slightly later mk1 kangoos that they have a digital display for petrol/diesel and temperature. My 2005 kangoo has a needle. I've looked at the ports on the back of both early and later speedos and they are identical apart from the slots on the plug. Can these...
  20. Electric windows and mirrors info wanted

    Hi all again:) I want to fit electric windows to my 2005 van. I take it I just need the mech with motor. Door loom and door panels with switches. On my dash above the foot pedals is a place where the electric mirror switch would be. I removed the fascia panel and can see 2 redundant plugs So...