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  1. Clio 2 Initiale Gold Update List radio for sale

    For sale
    Hi, i'm selling my gold coloured 'update list' type radio from my old Clio as spares or repairs (as I no longer have the car to test it with). in case anyone on the forums is interested? Thanks!

    Engine : 2.0 DCI ( code M9R ) Power:. 150 hp FAP filter
  3. 2010 clio initiale dashboard centre air vent repair or replace

    hi i reciently purchased my lovely 2010 clio initiale carminat tomtom 1.6 automatic. have a couple of problems i would like to share incase someone can help. 1) the centre air vent console has the plastic direction flaps dislodged and wont work.... can i replace the unit and is it a garage...
  4. TPMS on Laguna III Initiale?

    Just bought a 2009 Lag III Initiale. Has all the usual toys including the centre console stereo joystick and front and rear PC etc. Came with two sets of Renault alloys, a 17 and an 18 inch set. Neither of which have tpms valves. There is no TPMS screen on the instrument info display. My...
  5. Laguna 2008 Initiale won't start

    My Laguna won't start. I get the message to press the Clutch pedal (and/or the brake pedal) but nothing happens. I have had issues where it would not start when the clutch was pressed but would when the brake pedal was pressed (or vice-versa). Now neither starts the car. The engine does not turn...
  6. Renault laguna iii initiale - abs fault

    Hi there There is a fault in my Renault Laguna III Initiale (2009) 2.0 dci (Petrol) - the ABS and STOP light came on. There is a screeching sound in the brakes when applied. Having tested the ABS by applying the brakes hard it seems that the brake/s get locked (a sign that ABS is not working)...
  7. Laguna Mk3 Initiale Alloys

    Wheels & tyres
    Trying to find 1 or more alloys, so I can swap out my spare, and maybe replace one that seems a bit worse for wear. But I can't find the alloys that are on my car anywhere, and don't know what to search. Its a Laguna Mk3 Initiale and i'm starting to think whoever specced this put something...
  8. clio 1.6 initiale fault

    clio 1.6 initiale 2010 auto. Driving to a job interview today the car became sluggish and was not much power sounded like it was missing one cylinder. then engine light came on after a bit and then it went into get home mode. Any idea's?
  9. Clio initiale Electronic fault codes help

    07 clio initiale Three codes on computer one df228 brake information fault C315 unknown code 0703 unknown code Stems from push start button which is not faulty but showing warning light on dash so failing its mot. Absolutely clue less as to issue, think ***x1f914; it may be due to duplicate...
  10. Grand Espace Initiale 3.5 V6 shocks and spring recommendation

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello, Please could someone advise on the best springs and shocks. They were replaced in 2013 by Main dealer and front OS spring has snapped. What makes are members using Bilstein, Sachs? Who makes the OEM items? What else will I need to replace as well. Main Dealer is evasive with part numbers...
  11. Laguna 2 Initiale - Carminat Cabasse Questions/Issues

    Hi, 3rd post today, slowly asking all the questions I need! So, my car should have the Cabasse system, that's what the speakers say. However, it's not all there. All I have is a non working screen, a dvd drive which says Bluetooth under a flip up panel on the dash and the sat nav joystick...
  12. Laguna Initiale leather/wood steering wheel wanted

    I have a stunning 2005 phase 2 V6 Laguna initiale sports tourer and I want the optional extra black/part wood steering wheel,this was a factory option on the laguna but I also think its the same steering wheel fitted as an option on a Vel satis,i want the black version with the wood top part of...

    RENAULT LAGUNA INITIALE SPORT TOURER 16V ESTATE 1998cc(2006) PETROL (Reg. BG56***) I have owned the above from new with all the options included. Still only some 47,500 miles and in really good condition. However, due to the drainage channels becoming blocked with muck (all now cleared) the...
  14. Battery drain 2005 Laguna Initiale ST 2 litre petrol

    I am getting a 300ma (ish) battery drain when the electrical system has settled down after leaving the car and locking. Consequently it is draining the battery after a few days. Tried pulling the fuses individually to look for differences in the drain current. I think the only thing left to...
  15. Laguna mk3 2008 Initiale - CAN Bus Locations

    Im setting up a little project to fit a raspberry pi and a screen to the car. I've found one CAN Bus location behind the radio in the yellow mini ISO. Found the Hi, Lo and Ground. However on scanning the CAN Bus, it appears to only give basic internal information, the status of the keys...
  16. Do I have the correct Exhaust Manifold for my Clio Initiale Mk2 1.6 16v

    Hi all, I have a dilemma. I have a Renault Clio Initiale Mk2 1.6 16v. There is a crack in the exhaust manifold and I purchased a second hand one off eBay which my mobile mechanic said was the wrong one. So I contacted a spares place who sent me a new one but it turned out to be same as the one...
  17. laguna 2 initiale cabasse auditorium

    hi my 55 initiale 6 cd changer has developed a annoying fault when playing cds it will make a loud crackle noise then reset all the discs and all the settings on the sat nav it can happen every couple of minutes where u have no alternative to listen to radio is this common fault or has the cd...
  18. Espace Initiale 2012 Drivers Seat Frame

    A Bolt has sheared on the Espace Drivers Side Seat and Renault advise that I need a new seat frame the seat is Electric. Renault have advised a seat frame is an Eye watering £3200 Pounds. Firstly is the frame the same for both manual and electric seats? Second is there a way to find a repair...
  19. 2.0T Auto Laguna initiale spec Mk2 phase 2 for sale

    For sale
    I'm selling my Laguna 2.0T 55 Reg It has full service history with lpg conversion using Ramano multipoint injectors which also has full service history It's done 105k miles faultlessly, it's had everything it's needed since I've owned it. It had a new cambelt and water pump fitted and has...
  20. Laguna II Initiale Cabasse stereo problems

    Hi all Been having a look but cannot seem to find an answer to this. I have just bought a 2005 Laguna Initiale 2.0T Auto Estate BUT the Stereo keeps cutting out and re setting its self, satnav stays on (no sound when its cut out) but it looses any radio stations stored and will go back to CD 1...