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  1. Regenerate FAP & Check Injection Message 2.0l 2006 Renault Espace

    Morning Ladies and Gents, Yesterday morning on my way to work, (Total commute is about 13 miles each way), The regenerate FAP message appeared on my dashboard. Whilst at work yesterday i check these forums and it the general concencus that a long drive about 50mph would resolve the problem. On...
  2. Check injection

    Hello! Megane 2 1.5 dci, 76 kw, 2007 next problem: check injection, engine rises speed to 1000, put clip error: df 1005 circuit thermoplonjon. Any opinions?
  3. Check injection

    Hi all. 05 Laguna 1.9dci sport tourer. More problems im afraid. Last few days my car started to stall when I was coming to a junction/roundabout and slowing down, didn***8217;t think much of it but today it happened 3 times and not sure if its linked to the following. So driving down the M3/A303...
  4. Check injection message Renault Scenic II 2006 1.9dci 96kw(131Hp)

    Hey! So time to time I get a Check injection warning on the dashboard and the car as they say goes into limp mode. Currently Im on the idea that the Map sensor could need some cleaning? Could that makes sense? As the times when the message appears are completly random. It can happen while im...
  5. Renault Mégane 2 (2007,1.4L petrol) check injection fault

    Cars & motoring
    I have a Renault Mégane 2 (2007,1.4L petrol) and recently it's been acting up. When I stop the car it will sometimes display a 'check injection' warning. When this happens the engine will rev (approx 2500rpm) without acceleration. If I put it into gear it will drive. Once the car is turned off...
  6. Which 'DPF Cleaner and Regenerator' additive is good?

    Hello Experts, I am getting 'Injection check error' on dashboard randomly. Mechanic told me it' might be because of short journey what I am doing and therefore DPF is not Regenerator correctly. So he suggested me to run on moterway for 10-15 mins on 3/4 gear and 70/80 km speed to Regenerator...
  7. Scenic Mk 3 - check injection - smoking - excessive oil usage

    Hi, I have a mark3 grand scenic 2010 1.5dci 110. I have had a problem for a while that anything over 50ish it loses power and comes up check injection. I add some clean injector fluid to the fuel and it made no difference. I removed and cleaned each injector and used brake cleaner to check the...
  8. Espace 3.0 dci injection faults

    Hello just looking for some advice on my espace ph2 its a 3.0 dci 2006 and i have only just bought it. Everything was running smooth i bought drove it nearly 300 miles home did a few camping trips in her now after only owning her for just over a month the power seems to have just gone. Its...
  9. 'Check Turbo Injection' **Fixed**

    Hi all, as you can see I am new to the forum and have made an account to ask this questions, however any help would be much appreciated as my knowledge around cars is very limited! I own a Renault Traffic Sport 2 litre turbo injection, I was travelling home from Leeds to Sunderland, I got 1...
  10. Check injection system

    I***8217;ve had a check injection system service light come on, doesn***8217;t appear to affect performance, since this happened the green light that tells you to change gear has gone and the cruise control has stopped working I have a Megane coupe 2014 1.6 dci
  11. Renault Megane II, check emissions, check injection, limp mode

    Hello all could someone please try help me my car is gone mad on me, it will start fine when cold but after one min it will cut out might start might not if it dose it will pop and fart then cut out, if I pull the map sensor off it will run away fine albeit in limp mode, I have a fault code...
  12. 2013 traffic. Check injection, check emissions, check cruise control

    General Chat
    All, I've had the above lights come on took it for a blast out and they cleared. But they are back on again. But this time it's now limping. I thought it was the DPF as everything was running fine until today. There is no power a over 2krpm and nothing above 60mph. It's a 2013 trafic sport. Help...
  13. Megane 1.5dci MK2 Injection Fault

    Hi guys, I've read through the FAQ's and articles, and found some similar issues, but nothing matching my issue, so before I take the car to the garage, I'm looking for thoughts from the forum. Driving to work this morning, everything OK with the car. Started first time like it always does...
  14. Injection system fault

    Hi Guys just wondering if anyone can help, I have had a message come up on the dash with injection system fault. It's a Renault Laguna coupe.
  15. 2009 renault scenic 2, oil leaking on top of head and check injection

    Ask the Experts
    HI Guys I have a 2009 Renault scenic 2, I've had an issue this past week where the car read check injection and loss of power. After pulling in and plugging the map sensor the car seems to go fine, but problem came up again yesterday. I've also noticed alot of oil on top of the head and plugs...
  16. Clio MK3 Check injection and check emissions error

    Ask the Experts
    Hello all Got an MK3 Clio 1.4 which is currently playing silly beggars with me.:crying2::crying2: My car has a habit of cutting out when it has first started in the morning but when it tells me to select neutral on the computer to restart the car, i can just press the accelerator pedal a bit...
  17. Check injection message.

    Hi all. New on here. I have an 07 grand scenic 1.6 petrol. Recently on the dash has come up check injection. No EML on just the message. When I first start it up it revs fine but as soon as I start driving, it won't rev over 3000 rpm. Green flag said possible injector fault so I've replaced them...
  18. Injection fault

    Hi . 1st post. My 04 megan 1.5dci has injection fault on dash. The car has fuel and good battery power but won't turn over at all . Any ideas pls
  19. Injection Fault

    I have a 2008 RENAULT MEGANE DYNAMIQUE VVT 1598cc PETROL automatic transmission. It momentarily goes into idle and will not accelerate and i then have to take my foot of the accelerator for a moment then back on and it then picks up again. twice now has it gone into idle mode longer and will...
  20. Injection Fault??

    Hi I am looking for some help with my car, i have a Renault Dynamique Petrol automatic. It momentarily goes into idle and will not accelerate and i then have to take my foot of the accelerator for a for a second then back on and it then picks up again. twice now has it gone into idle mode...