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    hi i wonder if anyone in here sells or can spare one bolt for upper inlet manifold part number 8200668704 . for clio 2000, 1.4 16v . mine comes and E12 head but and head will do the job thanks
  2. Engines
    Could any of you kind people please advise if fitting new inlet manifold gaskets are a reasonable job for a competent diy'er ? Also anybody kindly tell me the part numbers for the parts in need ? Thanks in advance
  3. Engines
    How tight should the upper inlet manifold bolts be? Is there a recommended torque? Thank you. Megane III Petrol 1.6 Hatch 2009.
  4. Renparts Ltd
    After an inlet pipe for 3.0dci espace and a resonator box hose.
  5. Engines
    I removed the upper inlet manifold to find the lower inlet had a layer of gunk. What's the best way to clean it? I can only get so far with a brush, because the inlet curves. Also, how do I safely clean an electronic throttle body whilst it's still attached and plugged in, without interrupting...
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    Phase 3 Grand Espace 2002 JE0L 2.0i 16v Fast idle problem so trying to access the IACV. Please could someone point me to photos of Inlet Manifold and Throttle Body removal, rear view, particularly location of bolts? Engine is in situ so working blind here. 7 torx bolts removed from top. Coil...
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    I've removed all the bolts as shown on the following video: However, My intake just won't lift off. I'm worried about pulling or rocking it too hard as I don't want to damage the intake or the seals underneath. Suggestions? Thank you.
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    Having trouble with a Renault traffic 1.9dci 100. A few minutes after start up grey smoke starts appearing from the exhaust that gets worse the warmer the engine gets. I removed the inlet that comes from the air box at the turbo end and the smoke stopped. Checked intercooler ipes and there is...
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    Where is placed the inlet air temperature sensor Megane 1999?
  10. Engines
    Today,whilst driving from cold, my sons Clio temporarily lost power, spluttered and then recovered but felt a bit flat on initial acceleration. Back home we've checked it out and it starts fine and idles smoothly but on acceleration the engine briefly flat spots whilst a short wheezing sound is...
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    Hey Does any one know if the aluminium inlet manifold from the 2.0 F4R engine will fit the 1.8 F4P engine and/or if any thing els fits from that engine
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    I own a 2002 1,8 l, Laguna that have an oil leak from around the inlet camshaft. I have replaced the defaser (VVT sprocket) and the oil seal for the inlet camshaft but its still leaks oil. I hav also checked the VVT solenoid function, by putting 12VDC to the connectors, and it works. Is there...
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    Hi there, I took the car to a garage who did a scan for a fault reading and he said that the the air inlet temp reading was -40 (minus 40). When I looked into the Haynes manual Index for the the air inlet temp sensor, they're only listing a one for the petrol version. Has the diesel 1.5 cdi...
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    As above at the weekend I am going to replace the inlet manifold gaskets on my espace 2.2dci (the race) mk 3, I have read up on how to do it on the laguna with the same engine, are there any issues I might come accross doing it on the espace as the engine is more under the bulkhead, any comments...
  15. Bodywork
    I recently had some rain coming in the footwell. I think it was because the drain holes under the scuttle panel were blocked (mostly by the rubber covers Renault put in!). However it only took a little build-up for the rain level to go over the cabin air inlet which is just an open hole! Is it...
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    Hi, Hope this thread is in the right area as i have not posted on the forums before. I am pretty sure I have a vacuum leak so i am going to change all the gaskets on the inlet manifold. i have sourced the 4 matching ones for one side of the manifold but cannot find a replacement for the egg...
  17. Engines
    Hi guys. While my car is still off the road I thought it would be a good Idea to get the inlet manifold off as it's full of crap and give it a good clean. Now I know the Mk1 Megane is a complete pain in the **** to work on but I have never come across such a hard car. I have removed all bolts...
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    Hi, just wondering if anybody has attempted to change the inlet manifold on one of these? Looking at having a go myself, have tools and a garage at home, reasonable handy, but wondering if I am in over my head
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    Ive been repairing a fire damaged 2002/3 1.2 16v clio. Ive got the car running again but the lower manifold was pretty badly burnt. I thought I had got away with replacing it but it looks like this might not be the case. It drove fine for about 5 mile then started playing up. The cars...
  20. Engines
    Has anyone removed the inlet manifold on a 1.9DCi (F9Q812) engine before?