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  1. Electronics
    Hi, I have a non runner, cranks ok but nowt happening. Just had head gasket changed was fine before that. Mechanic deleted the injector codes early on then we found out we have the dreaded P0611 injector performance error which stops the injector codes being put in until the code is removed...
  2. Electronics
    Hi, I have just got a 2010 Renault Clio iMusic. I thought I could play music through Bluetooth but that doesn't seem to be the case. I instead tried to connect a cable to the auxiliary inputs but they immediately pushed back behind the plastic and I can't get to them. Is there an easy way to...
  3. In-car entertainment
    Bare with me, I am not very technical! I have the carbasse auditorium tronic stereo but not the autochanger. When I cycle through the source selection it gives me and option of aux. I've seen instructions online but all seem to be for the autochanger. I have also seen cables ok for the 2005...
  4. Electronics
    I've seen many videos of taking the stereo out with them pins and plugging that simple cable into the back but never on the 2003 model and I was wondering if anyone knew how to do it?
  5. Electronics
    Hi all I have a 2012 Megane 3 diesel with the red and white input slots like you would find on an old TV, I have seen looking at other mk3's some have a usb and 3.5mm audio jack point in the box rather then the rca inputs. is it possible to change the inputs to the usb and 3.5mm jack? is it...
  6. Electronics
    Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction ... I have moved onto an '08 plate Espace - Mk4 Grand Espace, 2.0 diesel - Quest version ... (I used to know my way round the Mk3 version Espace with my eyes closed!) and the radio claims to have aux in when selecting on the stalk or head...
  7. In-car entertainment
    Hi All, I have created a short slideshow to show how to remove the radio of a 2008 Laguna and also where the AUX input connector should go. Hope you find it useful:
  8. Electronics
    I currently have a RCA/phono input for my 2010 Coupe, but want a USB as it is more convenient... Do you know what they're actually called, where I can purchase one from? Also how much it would cost to fit/if it is easy to fit myself. Thanks!
  9. Electronics
    Hi Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere, but if it is, I couldn't find it after hours of searching. I have a 51 reg Scenic 1 (1.9 dCi). It has a factory fitted radio and a CD-changer under the passenger seat. I don't use CDs anymore, but do have a lot of music and podcasts on my...
  10. Electronics
    Hi guys So I was wondering if it is possible to get somewhere a USB input adapter for my Scenic. Is it possible and where? If not, what radios will work with the controls on the steering? Thanx a mil
  11. In-car entertainment
    I just go given a sub and wondering what input i should use. My radio has a dedicated sub jack on the back but i dont know which to use
  12. Electronics
    Tried posting in previous thread but no replies so will repost with main problem and new Thread title, Original Thread, I have a MK2 clio with only 9v supply coming in to the coil pack, No...
  13. In-car entertainment
    Hi guys or gals looking for a bit of advice. I'm looking to install my underseat sub but I'm struggling to find out which cables to splice off for my high input speaker wires and the best remote wire tap aswell. I have removed head unit and have pictures of the two plugs. Help much appreciated...
  14. Electronics
    As the title says, does anyone know where the aux input on the stereo in a Mk3 59 reg Megane is located? Assuming it has one... Thanks! :d
  15. Electronics
    So my renault megane Mk1 has a second IR key which I had to put new batteries in. It doesn't operate the locks or immobilizer on the car though. I've read up on here and threads seem to say to hold the button on the dash to lock the car with the ignition on and the immobilizer light should...
  16. Transmissions
    I've recently acuired a 2001 Rebault Scenic Auto and I'm having problems witha slight mmisfire on tick over and the gearbox going into 'limp' mode. I've checked and changed 3.5 litres of oil per threads on here .I've had it code read and all it is coming up with is 'a/t circuit turbine rpm...
  17. Electronics
    I have bought a USB/Aux adapter and was told it was a straight swap, however the cable looks the same but doesn't fit the adapter. Now I've been told there is a coversion cable I need to use. Could someone please tell me where I can get this cable if it exists? Thanks in advance.
  18. Electronics
    Hi all After a thorough trawl through various posts on this topic I've drawn a blank. I want to add an MP3 input to the Cabasse 6-CD in-dash stereo, but the plugs don't seem to match previous photos/instructions. I've found what seems to be the tuner unit under the driver's dashboard (it has...
  19. Electronics
    Hi as per my previous threads. Does anyone have or know where i can get a renault laguna blower control unit black power cable input. Mine melted and i need another. All the other inputs to the manual air con blower unit is fine its just this i need. Thanks
  20. Electronics
    Greetings, On my new 2014 Megane 1.2 I have a problem with enabling audio input from the aux jack. On the R-Link audio sources screen, Aux is never selectable. The only selectable options are Radio and Bluetooth (which both work). I haven't popped a CD in to see if that works. What I see are...