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  1. Engines
    I raised the car, started to unbolt the under tray, only to find a purple rubber grommet/insert on the floor. Does anyone recognise it or is this not from my vehicle? Item is approx. L 13mm, W 6mm, H 5mm. Megane III Petrol 1.6 2009. Thank you.
  2. Bodywork
    Hi I have recently acquired a Renault Megane III 2009 in Black colour. It was a CAT N - very minor damage. The plastic back plate/ insert (for want of better term) on which the bonnet badge sits is broken, but I cannot find either the part no. or any replacements online (mainly ebay). Can...
  3. Electronics
    Dear expert I got the problem in my Car fluence. Where in each time I start the engine without inseart the key card and this happen after changing the car's battery.what i can do to fix this problem and keep the vehicle start with key Regards
  4. Bodywork
    Hi all , new to the forums so sorry if ive posted in wrong bit. but does anyone know where to get a replacement grey insert for the front bumper ?
  5. Electronics
    Hi all, My name is ally and i am new to this site. I have recently bought a 2005 laguna 1.8 16v Authentique. Everything was going well until Sunday. Every 10 seconds i have a clicking noise coming from the unit where you insert the card. My heaters have also stopped working in positions...
  6. Interiors
    Hi Guys & Girls Just thought id post a link to fleabay for what I thought was a cheap buy for those of you, like me who's meggy knob is worn Iv just bought one and hope it will fit ok here it is h**p://
  7. Wanted
    As above for a 2004 1.9dci privilege (with the "nice" Beige interior) Just the 6 speed insert if you have one with reverse at bottom right, mine has worn away so anything unworn considered.
  8. Electronics
    Hello, this is my first time using a forum but i am hoping somebody can help me. i have a renault laguna 54 plate 1.9dci and it is fitted with a carminat sat nav and cd player with the monotone display. when i try to use the sat nav by pressing Nav on the cd player it displays insert nav cd...
  9. Interiors
    Hi guys I've just chucked my old 99 clio in for a newer 03 plate one. All the numbers are rubbed off the gear knob. So i had a bit of a look around on fleabay and i saw this It pretty much matches the...
  10. Electronics
    anybody plllls help me out!! after washing the car, listeing to music, something is happened, dashboard light shaking and then off, then i tried to insert the key again, i found nothing happened, there is no power, cant start the car. lights still working, raid light flashing, and the little...
  11. Interiors
    Hi all, I've found a Laguna II plastic top insert for the gear knob, which says the gear numbers. Mine's all rubbed off as usual. It looks identical in shape/size/fitting to my Megane II's gear knob insert, but wondered if it should fit? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as they want a...
  12. Electronics
    My 2002 Laguna will not start when you insert card key but immobiliser keeps flashing
  13. Interiors
    Looking for a new insert for my 06' 6 speed megane, but I cant find the right one. Looked on eBay, but nothing. Mine is layed out like this: 1-3-5 2-4-6 R All the ones I've come accross have the reverse on the top left. If its just a few quid from renault, then I'll get it from there...
  14. Bodywork
    Hi, My Trafic has a solid bulkhead but i'd like to remove the window insert part i order to let light into the rear of the van (will be carrying dogs). Any idea how to do this without an angle grinder?
  15. Interiors
    hope somebody can point the way, im after a gear knob insert for my scenic 2, i don't wanna have to cut it off to replace, surely somebody must sell them? i wanna sell soon and replace with newer renault, but it looks poor on a car thats done 24k how the numbers on the gear insert have rubbed...
  16. Bodywork
    I've just noticed that an insert is missing from the trim on my front bumper (2002 lag estate) and there also seems to be a sizeable bolt missing behind where this insert should be. Does anyone know what this is for and should I go back to the dealer from whom I just got the car back this...
  17. Electronics
    Did seperate thread on my starting problems. Swapped out battery and thought this had cleared it up. But still get non starts every now and again. What I have noticed, is that every now and again, the display that tells youto insert card, will just be blank. Havent really correlated this to...
  18. Interiors
    First post! Anyone know what the part is called that connects the end of the parcel shelf straps to the interior trim of the boot? The small pesky little bits of plastic have been pinged off and I can't find them :( so the cords get trapped outside the car every time I shut the boot :mad...
  19. Bodywork
    Hi, wonder if someone could help me or rather my friend, she is after a silver mirror cap/back plate of the passenger wing mirror, as hers is taped on at the minute and apparently Renault want to charge her a small fortune for the whole wing mirror unit.