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  1. Bodywork
    Hello everyone. If I'm sat in the car when its raining, I can here a slow thud of water dripping. The noise is coming from the driver door. No water is getting into the cabin. I've recently done work on this door. I changed the actuator, which involved removing the door card. I put everything...
  2. Ask the Experts
    So Renault Clio c2003 battery is dead. Key fob won’t work. Passenger side is parked too close to the house for the door to open in the one key slot on th car. I can’t get into the boot - I was going to get the towing point but not an option... Any ideas how I can get this car moved?? It’s road...
  3. Electronics
    So I recently got a second hand 2012 Clio 3 and one of my passengers discovered they were unable to open the rear doors from the inside. My immediate thought was that it was the child locks and I moved the switch on the rear doors but they still wouldn't open from the inside. It there a switch...
  4. Interiors
    Hi I thought I might be helpful for once! I had a lot of water in the passenger footwell. I looked through here and then cleaned out the drainage areas. On the sunroof drains I passed curtain wire down until it appeared at the bottom. Feeling pleased with myself, I poured water into the...
  5. Engines
    Hey guys I have a Renault megane mk2 1.6 16v. I truly believe I have bought a lemon of a car as just.finding and stumbling onto new things at every turn. But I push thanks to all your help. Anyway I noticed when I removed my intake pipe of my throttle body that there was some oil inside...
  6. Engines
    We sold our beloved Grand Espace to my brother-in-law who has managed to break it ("didn't they notice any problems at the service?", "what service?", <sigh>). It's got a very heavy knocking form the top end of the engine, he's taken it to two workshops who have both told him "bottem end has...
  7. Bodywork
    How can I lock my Clio with the dog inside and window partially open without setting the alarm? I am sure that it is in the manual, but this appears to me to be more complex than an F1 car! Dog waiting to go out. Thank you in anticipation for any help. John
  8. Interiors
    Evening all, I’ve got one or two questions and I’m wondering if any of you can shed some light on my situation? I have a Renault master LWB (125 Dci) and the two problems I’m have are somewhat simple (I think) but for some reason I’m struggling for a solution. Ok, first water is...
  9. Bodywork
    Is there any way via modification or other to open the MK1 Kangoo rear tailgate from the inside ?
  10. Bodywork
    Not a clue if this works but have used similar on fishtanks to may do. Not a great cost in trying anyway and may do. How to Clean the Inside of a Headlight: 4 Steps (with Pictures)
  11. Engines
    Hi, I've had this car for two years. It has always sounded like a diesel, but now a new sound has started. My suspicion is something with crankshaft ventilation. Any ideas? Link to clip »
  12. Heating & cooling
    I have a 2006 1.5 dci megane, notice what i think is exhaust fumes inside the car each time stop with the heater blower on. ive not been under yet to check the exhaust, if its blowing its not by much as its very quiet. any ideas/help is appreciated
  13. Heating & cooling
    Hello everyone! I would like to ask question about hearing water in my 98' Megane Coupe When blower is on speed 4 turned on HOT, I can hear water bubles behind dash around ashtray/hvac console, but when I turn it on COLD, it is normal, cant hear a thing. Any solution? If yes, please help or...
  14. Transmissions
    Hi all. I just tried to replace valves in my clio's DP0 transmission. I wasn't gentle enough and managed to break the electric connectors. I can still reconnect it without the black plastic, but will it work? Is there anything else to do? Thank you. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  15. Interiors
    Hi all Does anyone know of a genuine or 3rd-party luggage tie-down hook, that will lock into the Espace IV (late 2006 on) floor rails? Cheers Mike
  16. Engines
    So my engine (kangoo 1.2L Petrol) has been fuming oil and drawing a vacuum. I replaced the rocker cover gasket and found a lot of oil in the rocker cover top. There is a small pipe from the innards of the engine, lower level ending in that cover top. That is the top that comes off with 4 bolts...
  17. Electronics
    Hello Just want to know how to get inside the casing of this renalt clio 07 campus interior light as i want to change the light due to being dim
  18. Electronics
    Hi, i got a big problem with my scenic 1 ph2, 2000 model. I bought the car 5 years ago, and it has always turned on the rear fog light when i reverse or brake. Thought it was supposed to be like this. But now 5 years later i found out it was a fault, after i had more electrical...
  19. Heating & cooling
    Hi, So a couple of weeks ago when it got down to -4 degrees, the inside of my clio was frozen was frozen on 3 mornings. (The main windscreen and the two front windows) I immediately phoned the dealership to book it in, I also got on their customer service team as they said they had no courtesy...
  20. Engines
    Hello. I have a megane mk3 1.9 dci and for the past 2 days I can smell smoke inside the car. Same thing happened in December but the smell came with a noise from the engine. After a check it was the sealing bearings from one of the injectors. I have changed them all but now I can smell again the...