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  1. I want to install the Pure Highway 600 DAB radio adapter in my Renault

    I want to install the Pure Highway 600 DAB radio adapter in my Renault. The radio/cd is the one with Expert and update on it. This has to connect to the Renault using a headphone jack to the aux plug. I can find Aux in cables for Renault but they all end in a headphone jack. Has anyone solved...
  2. Double Din Install Help

    Hi All I have followed many tutorials on the install of the double din head until in my Megane convertible. I have tried to facia adapters but the unit does not fit flush. Many pictures show double din units sitting flush. Is this OK? Please see picture.
  3. Clio mk3 subwoofer install help

    In-car entertainment
    Hi everyone I've started to upgrade my stereo in my mk3 clio and so far fitted a new head unit and new door speakers but it is still laking a little bass. So I've decided to buy and fit an under seat sub. I'm pretty confident of wiring it all up properly but my only problem is how to get the...
  4. Twingo Sub Install

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I'm really struggling with options for how to wire through the sub power cable from the battery and the firewall and cabling is really tight as it is. Can anyone recommend any options? Am i going to have to drill my own hole? Cheers all
  5. Kadjar Camera Install

    Hi all I have purchased a Renault Kadjar (Collecting Monday providing snow conditions) Been looking at Youtube about installing a camera and found somebody has connected one to the infotainment screen using Renault Clip my local garage has this and was wondering how they would do this as there...
  6. mp3 install

    Hi, new here guys.... My car is grand espace 2007 with cabasse 6 cd head unit. Does anyone now where to locate the aux input for the installation of an mp3 unit? I have pulled the radio out.... and there is just one plug on the side and no other ports!
  7. Tutorial - Install New Head Unit Keeping Steering Wheel Controls Alive

    In-car entertainment
    Things you need Connects 2 Wiring harness Part Number for your car ( Connects 2 Website ) Connects 2 remote Control Steering wheel shown in the bottom left of the item above for your make of new head unit Some Stores offer a free CTMULTILEAD.2, if they do take it, and follow the...
  8. Renault laguna mk2 phase 2 1.9 cruise control install

    Hey Guys, New to this group, so i will keep it short. Brought a 2005 phase 2 laguna 1.9, noticed there are plugs behind the dash for cruise control,esp,parking sensors. so i brought the switches, then decided to order cruise control steering wheel. will i need renault clip to activate the...
  9. Bike rack install

    Cars & motoring
    Hi lads i have a bike rack to go on to a renault megan 2 2008 just wondering has any ever used or installed a bike rack on to there megan ? Hatch back
  10. Espace IV 13 pin electrics install advice

    Evening all, i have been fortunate enough to obtain the genuine renault 13 pin tow electrics part num 8201379436 which is 95% plug and play for only £69(£100 cheaper than dealer). The question i have is about the 5% part (step 37 in the instructions) where you have to wire up the red cable...
  11. Clio mk2 1.5 dci 80 bhp intercooler install

    HI Wonder if any one here can help me. I am rebuilding my wife's 2004 Clio 1.5 dci 65 bhp as the engine blew the head gasket after 170000 miles. So I have had a 2004 Clio 1.5 dci 80 bhp engine and ecu sitting in my garage from a previous project. Which i have dropped into the car and changed...
  12. Install aftermark Keyless entry module on Megane Coach 97'

    Hello again everyone! After posting few of my problems, thanks to ppl here I solved them with no problems :) so here I am again trying to install aftermark keyless entry on my 97' Megane. Since my original IR module died buying new one or used ( prices are almost the same ) I decided to buy one...
  13. Master (2008)Cruise control install

    Hi! I have Nissan Interstar (a.k.a Renault Master) year model 2008. I have planning install original cruise control to it. I know I need punch of missing items but what? Software side ain´t problem to me. I have clip and Consult 3 Have anyone done this before? Any helps for this? Thanks...
  14. Hands free mic and Dabs aerial install

    Hi, I could do with a heads up before attempting to following in a 2007 Trafic. What do I have to remove dash wise, to run an aerial to the passenger side of the windscreen for a Dabs Radio and for installing a microphone from a hands free kit in the windscreen support on the drivers...
  15. New Front Springs Install Issue

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there i recently purchased a Megane Mk2 04 Plate 1.9 DCI 120 Expression 5 months ago all was good with the car and ride height was perfect front and back. Now last week my front passenger coil spring broke so i purchased 2 new anschler coil springs and had them fitted on wednesday Upon...
  16. Clio 3 Airbag Removal help to install Cruise.

    Hello, Unsure if this is the right place. I am needing some help removing the airbag on my Clio MK3. I have tried several times to turn the wheel 180 degrees, Put a screwdriver in the fold to "find the lug" and slide the airbag up.. Is this right? Or am I missing something out? Reason I am...
  17. TomTom Carminat GPS rear view camera install?

    Hello. Anyone who have installed an ebay bought rear view camera and managed to connect it to a carminat tomtom gps? A camera like this one for example...
  18. Can you Install DAB Radio to Espace MK3?

    Hi, I have been doing lots of searching about on how to add an after market DAB radio to my car. Its a Renault Espace Mk3, I am fed up of the constant whining and buzzing from the radio especially on MW/AM/LW and really don't wanna spend time messing about with my plugs and suppressors ect as...
  19. Clio MK2 Sub Install (Guide?)

    In-car entertainment
    Hey, been looking for something similar to help me, but no luck (just bits and bobs). Correct me if I am wrong. I did not take too many pictures as some stuff is too damn obvious (to my likes), but did some which I thought might be help. So, we're going to install an (active) subwoofer in the...
  20. Megane heated seat install

    Hi I have a megane cc 05 and have bought some leather 225 heated seats I have the switches I have put the seats in and switchs and get a heated seats activated on the dash but they don't heat up anyone have any ideas