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instrument panel fault

  1. Renault Scenic Megane 2004 (Auto) MK2 Part Instrument Cluster Failure

    I have a Auto Renault Scenic Megane 2004 MK2 and my instrument cluster (dashboard display) has gone blank on one half, the half that would normally show the time and radio channels. PROBLEM SOLVING: So far I have checked radio fuse in glove compartment and that's fine. Radio has power and is...
  2. Laguna II instrument panel MADNESS!

    Hi there, I'm new here so please be patient with me! I have a 2005 Laguna 1.9Dci 120 with about 112K on the clock. I've had the car about 6 months with no serious problems but... Last Sunday, driving to my friend's house in the rain, I merged onto the motorway and hit a cat's eye while going...
  3. New engine problems

    Hi All, please can someone help, I recently had a new engine fitted into my 51 plate megane cabrio, but the garage was a small one, and didnt have any diognostic kit, the car has now been returned, with the temperature gage not working, and the air bag and service light on, also the rev counter...
  4. Clio 11 temperature gauge not working

    Temperature gauge on my daughters 2000 Clio 11 8v is not working. Is this likely to be a sender problem, if so could someone tell me where on the engine it is located? Can it be tested? Thanks
  5. Faulty instrument panel Renault Scenic

    Hi All Been having lots of problems with the instrument panel over the last few weeks. The panel has been replaced in March this year. When I am driving the panel beeps, the window wipers come on the lights come on and the stop warning light comes on then it will say parking brake fault...