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  1. Kangoo 2002 1.5dCi Instrument Panel Fault

    Having an intermittent fault on a Kangoo. The speedo stops working & the digital display for the clock & mileage goes blank. Fault codes have been read, but none relating to this fault were shown. (The glow plugs were recorded as open circuit, but these have been replaced & fault codes...
  2. Renault Laguna - Is the mileage stored in the ECU or instrument cluster?

    hi, i have a laguna 1 v6 monaco x/2000, and i were just wondering if anyone could tell me if i put a brand new instrument panel in would the miles be all reset or are these readings kept inside the ecu at all? would be really grateful for any advice, many thanks, Si
  3. Renault Laguna v6 instrument panel problems

    hi everyone, i have a Laguna Monaco V6 x plate which i love to bits. The only problem i have with it is sometimes the instrument panel goes completley off when driving, (usually more when its really hot outside) and comes back on in a few seconds, it does this randomly and when its hot weather...
  4. Renault Vel Satis instrument panel replacement

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    I am still waiting for final confirmation on this issue from the service centre trying to resolve another problem with my car. In brief, I have a Vel Satis and the new service centre I am using asked me about an instrument panel replacement at 21k. As far as I know it did not have one. My car...
  5. Instrument panel light, what does it do???

    Hi all, after cleaning up a couple of electrical contacts on the R19, i have a light on the instrument panel that come on for a few seconds when i turn the ignition on. The light is just below the light for the choke. It looks like a box with a wavy line in it :)
  6. instrument lights

    hi i have a1996 renault megane couple of the bulbs on the instrument panel have failed has anyone fixed such a problem or how easy is it to fix withoutgoing to a main dealer? :
  7. Digital Instrument Panel on Espace

    The instrument panel has just gone black. The warning lights on the left and right side work OK, but the speedo section and fuel guage are just black and don't light up. Are they LEDs or is there a bulb to change somewhere? I would appreciate any help
  8. Instrument Panel Failure

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    I have a Laguna II, 2001 model. Just recently, after starting and moving off, all warning lights in the instrument panel flash three times and then stop and then the speedo and rev counter stay at their position when the lights stopped flashing. There is also no reading from the fuel gauge...
  9. Renault Espace - Interiors - Fixing CD changer caused instrument panel failure

    Hi, I got a replacement CD changer yesterday and fitted it. Tested it using remote and instrument panle was working fine. Refitted changer into housing (rear left). When I looked back at intrument panel it was totally blank and has been ever since. Intrument Panel, Audio and electric rearview...
  10. Renault Laguna II Phase 1 - Interiors - Instrument Panel Failure

    Cars & motoring
    Recently my speedo started acting up. When it's cold or wet the unit goes into a frenzie but when the weather is warm and dry there is no problem? My local Renault dealer says the unit is u/s and needs replacing (40,000 miles) at a cost of £350 plus fitting, yes Iwas gobsmacked. Has anyone have...
  11. Instrument diagnostic

    I don't know if this one is common knowledge. I found it by accident on my 2002 Laguna, and it works on my wife's 2002 Clio too. Start with the key or card removed. Hold the trip computer button on the end of the wiper stalk Insert the card, or insert the key and turn it to (I think) the first...