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  1. Removing the instruments panel in Clio 1

    Hello. I wanted to replace the instruments panel in my '97 Clio 1 Ph3 RN (1.2 engine), because driving without tachometer is a little annoying for me. Everything went good, but I came up to a little problem. This little thingy, connected to the speedometer. How to remove it?
  2. Megane Convertible no dash instruments working **Fixed**

    Evening all. I'm here as a bit of a last resort. Two local garages (one a renault garage) have had our 55 plate megane convertible for over 2 weeks. The initial problem was that it just stopped running whilst sat at traffic lights. It was recovered and traced to a lose wire on the flywheel...
  3. megane cabrio dash instruments and lights

    hi megane 53 cabrio just lost all the instruments and lights on the runs / starts fine etc....i assume its a fuse, can anyone point me at the right one as i dont have user guide...and if its not !!! what could it be ta greg
  4. instruments lights only come on when i put on rear fog

    hello can any one help my instruments lights only come on when i put on rear fog i.e. radio lights up also heater dials many thanks
  5. Clio/scenic instruments

    I think ive got faulty temp and fuel gauge on my 02 scenic 1.9dci can you get one from a breakers as im not sure if the mileage is kept in the speedo so you cant swap them.WHEN THE CAR IS OF THE NEEDLES ON THE FUEL AND TEMP DONT STAY AT THE BOTTOM MARKS .THE TEMP POINT STRAIGHT DOWN AND FUEL...
  6. Speedo and rev counter instruments staying illuminated at all times

    OK, so this is a problem that was draining my battery, in conjunction with interior door lights staying on. We've sorted the doorlights, so the drain is minimal now on the battery, but the speedo and rev counter are staying on all the time. I took it to an auto electtrician who looked in the...
  7. no instruments or radio or o/s headlamp

    This is the first time I have used a forum so please be kind.I have just replaced the o/s/f door window regulator mechanism.The cables lunched themselves and broke the bottom pivot off,anyway after swopping the window winding motor off the old mechanism onto the new one,and building everything...
  8. Renault Megane Scenic 2001 Instruments Light Blub - Help please.

    Hi folks, Has been a long time since I have been here and again I need some advice please. I have an issue with the instruments lighting on the dash. When I put the headlights on the lights become really dim, so much so that I cannot see how fast I am going or how much fuel I have. I spoke...
  9. Loss of instruments after battery change on R reg Megane

    Hi folks, I recently took the battery out to charge on my R reg Megane RT. When I'd replaced it and turned the key to start...nothing, not even a click. Disconnected, cleaned terminals, vasaline etc, got back in, turned key to the first position and noticed both fuel and temp gauges go to...
  10. Megane 120DCi - Dashboard / Instruments Fault

    Greetings All, I've purchased a Megane II Dci120. At the moment, I've got a bit of a mystery fault where the dashboard will regularly go slightly mental, while the rev counter, temp and fuel guages will all remain accurate, the speedometer will drop to zero, all the warning lights will come on...
  11. problems with speedo, rev counter instruments etc

    hiya, I'm new here and looking for some help please. Blew 15amp fuse for dasboard instruments which I replaced, I started car, instruments worked for about 10 secs then it blew again. Has anyone any suggestions as to what might be causing this as I don't want to put another fuse in, in case I...
  12. R. Laguna dash instruments "bulbling" darker

    Well the world is full of problems and i have one too. In my R. lagy i notice on my instrumental panel that's not so bright anymore when i switch lights on. When lights are off the digital display showing kilometers and middle display showing clock are very bright. BUT when I switch lights on...
  13. Kangoo Van No Instruments.

    On my 1999 D55 Kangoo Van the Instruments are not working (fuel,speedo, engine temp,mileage ) also the instrument illumination is out. Indicators, glow-plug, batt, side/head light etc. warning lights are all working . Engine starts and runs ok and all other electrical things work. Had a similar...
  14. Laguna 2 instruments light dimmer not working

    Hi on my laguna 2 the little roller switch on the right of the steering wheel i asume this contols the brightness of the lights on the speedo etc doz not work. I have taken it apart all seems good i was wondering if there is a fuse for this or any simple way of fixing it. thanks.
  15. Dash stays on

    I've found plenty of people on this forum who's dashboards won't work but after an hour or so's searching I haven't found anyone who's dash is so keen it won't switch off. When I get out of the car and lock it, the fuel, Temp, Rev gauges as well as the car diagram stay on. Non of them are...
  16. Intermittent Instruments

    I have a 1999 V reg Laguna RXE and the instruments keep going haywire and sometimes they all go dead and other times work perfectly. Also at the same time the voice synthisiser stops talking and I cant hear any error messages. I've checked battery connections and the alternator output is ok...
  17. 1999 RXE Instruments

    Hi All, I have a problem with the instruments panel on this car. All the instruments are intermittent and waver about all over the place. Sometimes they are fine and read correctly, other times they all show zero Ie no petrol no temp no tach, no speedo even at 60 mph! If I park up and go back...
  18. Renault Laguna II - Instruments Reprogramme?

    Hi all...............if I replace the instrument pod (speedo/rev/fuel etc) on a laguna 2 does it need reprogramming or will it just work after plugging it all in? Thanks Mark P, I am not bothered ref mileage just as long as it all works.