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  1. renault clio 1.2 16v 2002 extreme instument cluster change

    Hi there,I need to change my instrument cluster due to an airbag light not coming on when i turn the ignition on,what i need to know is will my new (second hand) cluster need programing in by the main dealer or is it a straight swap, i do understand that the new one will have its own mileage on...
  2. Trafic 1.9dci No Instument Panel Gauges or Acceleration

    My Renault trafic 1.9 DCI Intstrument Panel has Stopped (no Speedo, Rev ****er, Fuel Guage Milometer) working except fo the alarm light and the back lights. I ave no warning lights exept indicator lights. Also the revs have gone as though the turbo won't kick in . I've had it checked out at a...
  3. Espace 2002 dci SPEEDO/ Instument cluster

    Hi all, Last year I had the misfortune of purchasing a very nice diesel Espace, on going to start the car one morning, it decided not to go. It was then taken to a Renault garage where it sat for nearly six months having ECU's, diesel pumps, injectors and just about everything replaced...
  4. instument panel

    Hi all, could anyone tell me if by unpluging and pluging back in the instrument panel (speedo) without disconnecting the battery would cause any fault like breaking down some electrical part, As I did this and have noticed a drop in power it doesn't seem to pick up and loses power. got...