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  1. Electronics
    Hey everyone, I get my new car tomorrow and we are having a sliding electric gate fitted to the front entrance to our property. I am after some advice on an electrical project to permanently fit a switch into my car. I want to avoid rendering one of the remote fobs they give me useless, here's...
  2. Electronics
    Hi Having not yet put an aftermarket stereo in my Clio, I'm finding it so much more convenient! Is there a way to retrofit the original Bluetooth kit that works with the steering stalk and the display? I've found plenty of mention online, but nothing about if it can be retrofitted. I'm not...
  3. Engines
    I have a 2006 Renault clio 1.4 Dynamique, does anyone know if you can fit the Renault Clio Carminat TomTom Integrated Sat Nav system into the vehicle as the dash layout (on top) looks the same. Thanks.
  4. Engines
    I tried to fit a new set of Thule Roof bars to my 5 door megane II, using the integrated roof fixings. Unfortunately, due to age, the plastic retaining screws broke off on attempts to pop them out and when i eventually cleared out the remaining plastic crew found the female screw fittings on my...
  5. Cars & motoring
    I have lost my little emergency key from my fob - can i get a replacement? if so what would it cost?
  6. Electronics
    Hellooo Experts, Need your help. I have renault laguna 54 plate. How can I upgrade my cd based :crazy: Carminat sat nav to the latest Integrated Carminat TomTom 2009 Satellite Navigation? :cool: Is it possible & how much will it typically cost. :confused:
  7. Interiors
    Hi All, on my new Initiale, one of the rear door blinds has been cut off. I phoned Renault to get an idea of how much it would be for a replacement, but according to them, my car never had them fitted! :crazy: Does anyone know where I'd be able to get a replacment from?