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  1. Electronics
    So. Hot on the heels of my wifes 05 Clio service and airbag light woes, after changing the ecu, and doing the passenger seat wires, decided tonight to plug in my cheapo handheld code reader, that I have alongside the more sophisticated Delphi version, and noticed that if I left it plugged in...
  2. Wheels & tyres
    For me I can't justify the cost of a set of wheels and winter tyres..but lets look at what happens if they are not fitted and you run your car on summer tyres or all weather ones..
  3. General Chat
    "It's why we like to say there's a little bit of :nerd:every car." This was a new one on me, anyone want to fill in what the missing word is Where I have put the nerd
  4. Engines
    Hi, I've had this car for two years. It has always sounded like a diesel, but now a new sound has started. My suspicion is something with crankshaft ventilation. Any ideas? Link to clip »
  5. Electronics
    Hi all, after countless attempts to read the faults codes on my espace 3 and having no communication to ecu I hit the web to find out why..i came across a French forum that talks about a small modification that a dealer can perform with can clip that not only activates the obd socket but also...
  6. General Chat
    Might pop a bid on myself
  7. General Chat
  8. General Chat
    Now here's an interesting prospect, I for one, think this would work well.
  9. Electronics
    Hi folks, I have bought my umpteenth Renault and come across the strangest thing to date!! I bought a 54 plate Laguna Estate 1.9dci (I already have a hatchback) from a lady that took it to the dealer when the lights failed. She said they replaced "a loom" and now it won't run and they are asking...
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  12. General Chat
    What do Renault owners do for a living? Lets find out! Me first then:- Unemployed at present, but previously NHS Recruitment (ironically) & Administration Officer, Parcel Courier, Estate Agent, & Insurance Underwriter.
  13. Electronics
    Guys. I hope someone can help me get my head around this one! Clio Mk2 1.2 Sport On key on, the ECU seems to constantly be in reset for a while. The dash starts its initialisation procedure for about half a second, then resets, repeating this for upto 20 seconds or so. You can hear relays in...
  14. General Chat
    Looked around for something for my 1000th. Couldnt see anything that needed my particular expertise(or lack of :) ) So this is it
  15. Computer Club
    According to the Register, Microsoft might end up providing part of the funding for Ubuntu because of a deal between Yahoo and Canonical. A glimpse of the future perhaps ?
  16. General Chat
    An interesting letter in the Australian Shooter Magazine this week, which I quote: "If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past 22 months, and a total of 2112 deaths, that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000...
  17. General tuning
    What a great project..... There are some videos buried in the thread somewhere,I'll see if I can leave a direct link to them tomorrow.:) There is some interesting info regarding registering a modified car...
  18. Engines
    R.E. Oil change in laguna mk 2 , In my haynes manual it says that when you drain the sump - you first jack up the car and put it on axle stands , Then you remove the sump plug to drain the old oil away . ........But ..... My question is ....... If its jacked up and on stands ( ergo no longer...
  19. Engines
    Holy cow Batman!!!! I discovered something yesterday that may be of interest to anyone whos Espace (F4R) auto seems fine electrically but won't turn over or start. (nothing at all) Whilst poking about in the engine bay I noticed that the gearbox linkage was wonky. Here's the interesting bit...
  20. Electronics
    May be a load of junk but saw this on Argos: