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    While using MW I get interference on 693 Radio 5 live but on 1053 Talk Sport and 1152 Smooth Radio I don't get any interference at all can anyone help
  2. Engines
    Anyone knows what happens when the timing belt fail?? thank you
  3. Electronics
    I have a mark 2 Clio. I went round to my dad's this morning and the fob stopped working. Luckily I leave the spare with my dad in case of an emergency so I asked him to bring it out thinking the battery had gone. He told me his mark 1 Clio did the same this morning, got my spare fob and it still...
  4. Electronics
    Hi all! On a Clio 2 1.2 8v, I have a problem with the radio. I have a new head unit, and a new antenna, the radio is nice and smooth when the engine is off, but when I start the car, it gets horrible. What is the cause of the interference? I know that there's some kind of suppressor capacitor...
  5. Engines
    Hi, Can anyone clarify with certainty, whether the Laguna Mk1 Alize, yr2000, 1.8 16v, petrol engine is an interference or a non-interference engine? I have googled, but could not find a definite/reliable answer. Many thanks!:grin2:
  6. Engines
    I am experiencing radio interference when the rear screen heater is on any clues of how to remedy this please
  7. Engines
    My 2005 Espace,1998cc 16 valve petrol, engine number C 000711 broke it's cam belt (less than 15000 miles!) I have read that some engines are 'interference' IE long valves likely to damage pistons, while others are non-interference with short valves and no to little damage. There were no drastic...
  8. Electronics
    Hey all. New to forum and new to Renaults, got a 2007 Megane Dynamique 1.6 Petrol last week. Managed to get iphone hooked up to radio thanks to info on this forum ;) Thanks. Still got another issue that has been kinda covered extensively on here but not on my particular car I think. FM radio...
  9. In-car entertainment
    Hi all, am replacing my existing radio. But before I do, I am getting odd interference from my Radio and don't want this to happen on my new one and wondered if anyone had any ideas. I always have the aircon on atuo and 79% of the time this makes no difference to the radio But about 30% of...
  10. Electronics
    Hi all, Everytime I make a phone call to someone using the in car Bluetooth (2008 Renault Laguna), The person on the other end says that there is interference, Yet I can hear them perfectly with no interference what so ever. Is there an update I can do or any other solution? Many thanks, Neal
  11. Engines
    Hello! Is a 2007/february Renault Kangoo 1.6i petrol engine (95bhp) an interference or non-interference engine? Thanks!
  12. Engines
    Quick question, I have (had?) a Renault Clio 1.4 RT from 1995. Cambelt snapped on Sunday, is this an Interference Engine? Wikipedia says it is a Renault E-Type. Thanks in advance!
  13. Electronics
    Having recently swapped my 2003 Laguna 2 1.9 dCi Privilege for a 2007 Laguna 3 2.0 dCi 150 Dynamique S, I have an annoying problem. I have my Garmin Nuvi satnav mounted on the windscreen in exactly the same place on the new car as I did in the old. And I have the power lead patched into the feed...
  14. Electronics
    Hello i have a 52 lag 2 phase 1 with sat nav built in and 6 cd changer with shark fin aerial . im having problem with poor signal from my radio. and i very rarely find the popular stations even radio 1 so wondered if anyone could help me, ive heard to check the earth for the aerial and...
  15. Electronics
    Hi, My first post on here, hope someone can help! I recently bought a 2003 Clio Dynamique 1.5 dci which I love to bits. The only thing that bothers me is the interference on the radio if I try to listen to MW or LW. I have searched this forum (and others) a lot but have been unable to find...
  16. In-car entertainment
    Hello, I fitted an xcarlink iphone kit to the cd changer port of the standard head unit in my Laguna and was suffering quite excessive alternator whine. I got fed up after trying all sorts of positions ,ground loop suppressor and checking existing earths so took the xcarlink box apart looking...
  17. Electronics
    Installed a Connect2 adaptor and have bad interference. Using the standard fitted Renault stereo and it sounds like the noise you get when a mobile is near a speaker and its looking for a signal, but its constant. The iphone car adaptor is not near any speakers at all. Get sound through the...
  18. Electronics
    2004 grand scenic. Its the Carminat headunit but with a cd changer under the passenger seat. The single cd player plays fine but if using the multi cd changer the audio gets a crackle noise. Looked at the rear of headunit and all plugged in okay and clean connections. Any suggestions, a...
  19. Engines
    hi all i have a 1998 kangoo 665 1.9d non turbo van. coming home today the cambelt snapped!!! havent tried starting it just whipped the cover off str8 away 2 confirm it n there it was!! does anyone know if they bend valves? any help would be appreciated, thanks dave
  20. Engines
    hey people, can anyone tell me if the 1997 renault clio 1.4 spi 8v is an interference or non-interference engine please. thanks dan