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  1. Interiors
    Greetings one and all, I have a Koleos with a full leather interior but I'm having a few issues trying to find the correct colour of the leather as a few areas need refurbing. The local dealers here in our area of Spain are less then helpful, and to be honest, are darn right obstructive...
  2. Interiors
    Hi all, Long story short. Before we bought our Clio, the windscreen has been replaced (with a non Reault windscreen) and poorly refitted (which we weren't made aware of at the time). The rain sensor unit and rear view mirror have been fitted in the incorrect place. Over time the rear view...
  3. Interiors
    For the Clio IV RS 200 CUP EDC I am wanting to change my interior lights bulbs to LED bulbs. How do I remove the plastic to get to the bulbs? Everytime I try to ply it open with a flathead it just seems like it will break which puts me off to ply it harder. There must be a way to remove it...
  4. Ask the Experts
    The interior vent fans come on automatically on high speed as soon as you put the key card in place. They remain on in high speed when starting the car and driving. The climate control panel does not seem to work to control the settings. The fans turn off when you turn off the car. Any...
  5. Electronics
    Hi All, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Help needed please ........ I have 3 rows of interior lights, when I open drivers door the 2 rear lights illuminate but the one above driver does not, If I change the switch position the light manually switches on... so to me the door switch is...
  6. Heating & cooling
    Hi there, I seeking some advice on the following issue... I have a Megane Coupe 09 plate, recently my interior fan has stopped working (typical - just in time for winter!). The heat is still being generated but the fan is simply not blowing/working. I suspect its a blown fuse, however my car...
  7. Electronics
    Hello ive just bought a 2011 Renault Trafic............. the interior lights in the front and rear of the van are constantly ON when the rocker switch on the lights is level... they wont go off on their own when the doors are shut. All the switch pins seem to be free and not sticking etc. Any...
  8. Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have a 2015 Megane 1.5dci dynamique (series 3), coupe version. My internal fan indicator shows the fan operating and increasing in speed, but the actual fan does not respond. I have checked the fuse box next to the battery in the engine bay, and none of the 30 amp. Fuses has blown (...
  9. Interiors
    Hello, I***8217;m looking for help on getting plastics off around and under the steering wheel without damaging anything, would appreciate any kind of advice on how to go about it thanks
  10. Interiors
    Hi all, I decided to change my interior lights on my mk 3 Megane to LED's but something went wrong. I changed one of the bulbs in the centre dome(ceiling) light which worked fine but when installing the second I lost all dome lights both front and back. I still have light in the glove box and...
  11. Vans
    Can someone please tell me how to get to the fuses in the glove box?
  12. Interiors
    Hi - I've been going over the manual and I have noticed that my car has a few buttons missing. I have attached picture of the missing parts in the car and pictures of the manual that describes what should be in the missing place. Missing items: 1) Possible lane departure button. (there is a...
  13. Electronics
    Hi I recently changed a blown bulb in the main rear interior light. Now all the lights work separately but dim when on together and don't work at all when you open a door or unlock the car the way they should 59 reg 1.6 megane
  14. Interiors
    Hi all, I drive 1.2 clio mk3 and am interested in swapping my interior (seats, door cards etc). I've found something I'd like to by which is from a 197 and was hoping if anyone can confirm if it will be able to fit straight in or will need any modifications made to fit. Many thanks
1-14 of 298 Results