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  1. Interiors
    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows where I could buy original car mats and boot liner for a megane 1.5 GT line(11 plate) other than the renault web site? If anyone know, please let me know. Kind Regards, rVLuna
  2. Engines
    Hi, Please Help !! I have a 2005 Renault scenic megane, the problem is I've pulled the meal trays down to use but don't know how to raise them back up to there original position. I don't want force them incase they snap or something. Does anyone know if there is a knack to putting them back up.
  3. Interiors
    I have a 1998 1.6 RT Laguna and want to know if I can change the cloth interior for a leather one. Would the interior from a 2001 model fit my car?
  4. Interiors
    interiors im having problems finding an exact match for my broken drivers seat ,if i cant find one what interiors will fit my lag 2 expression ,grey isofix cloth interior ,i know some models have a different bolt set ,so what would be the most straight forward swap.
  5. Interiors
    Hi, does anyone know of any companies that stock vehicles, I have tried all the usual scrap dealers, they all seem to rip the interiors out as soon as they get them. Renault want a small fortune for small bits of trim Thanks in advance
  6. Interiors
    hi this may sound a bit daft but im looking for a clio sport interior for my clio 3 2007, i'm unable to find one can anybody tell me if 182 seats would fit the dimensions of the interior, im guessing not but does anyone know or have a link aswell for a 197 interior i could buy :d
  7. Clio
    Re: Renault Clio - Interiors - Replacing the gear knob do you have any idea where i can find out what fues/amps go under the dashboard have bin looking but not the best on the inter net
  8. Electronics
    Hi, Please can someone help. My heating console has broke (2 years ago-just getting round to fix it-too cold) I have managed to get myself a second hand console, but have no idea how to take the old one out or connect the new one. Please can someone help me. I am not theat mechanically minded...
  9. Heating & cooling
    I wonder if any one can help me with this problem!!!! At night I have no illumination on the climate display and assume there should be. There has been solutions posted in 2005. In order to undertake this, there were some photos also attached on how to remove the climate control panel in order...
  10. Interiors
    Hi Had my 03 Laguna 2 for nearly two years now been happy with it for most part couple of things that are niggling me though it has the plain (no pattern) grey half leather seats with the little triangle bits of trim on the seat area and on the back area the look fairly well secured but I have...
  11. Clio
    My missus's Clio 172 was wet in the front passenger foot well? went to Renault under warranty for repair but was unsure what they had done as i was out of the country at the time and my wife dealt with it, when i got back it done it again but in the drivers side:steam: -turned out to be the...
  12. Interiors
    helloha my little cherubs. Well I am dancing on air now as my seat runners are fixed (cheaply) so now I feel on a roll. Some may think it the size of my bottom but I guarantee you it was fact that the car has been broken for so longand is now nearly all fixed. Anyway back to my last little...
  13. Scenic
    I too suffered the dreaded pond in my scenic. After reading many threads on this forum I tried all the suggested remedies. I unblocked all four drainage channels and yes they were blocked but this didn't cure the problem! I cleaned up my sunroof channels, nope. Cleared my windscreen scuttle...
  14. Clio
    I have driven my clio Mk1 1.2 today and have noticed that there is a large crack in the glass for the instrument panel. I was wondering would this be an easy fix i.e could i get another one from a mk1 clio and put it it, Also could it be glued or would it slide in. :beer: thanks, Jordan
  15. Interiors
    seatbelt warning light wont go out when wearing it:confused:
  16. Clio
    Hi All I have a 56 plate clio 3 that i bought from new in January,i've only covered 3800 miles and i'm getting 2 noises coming from the dash area,the first happens when going over slightly rougher ground or when there's a change in the roads surface and its coming from the front of the dash...
  17. Clio
    Folks, when I bought my car it was 2nd hand. the person before me put a crappy gear knob on it that spins round when you idle, but it rattles and gets on my ¤¤¤¤ so ive found, Shop - Auto Imagination Ltd I was wondering how do I actually replace it? Do I just rip the old one off and hope for...
  18. Laguna
    Can anyone tell me how to take off the front door panel as I need to lube the runners on the front windows. Have tried spraying WD40 & fairy liquid with the window down. Cured the nearside squeak, offside window still sounds horrible and it's starting to **** me off!! Oh joy...
  19. Clio
    bought a damaged clio and the airbag light is on, none of the airbags have gone off but one seatbelt clicker thingy is sucked in to the seat while the other is floppy how do I know which one to replace and what do I need to replace it looks like theirs some sort of rocket bolted to the seat is...
  20. Cars & motoring
    Hi Worried mum here............brought the Grand espace 2.2dci 52 reg just over a year ago and never tried the child/window lock button until today and it doesn't work....I say that but the windows lock but not the doors...Am I missing something??? Can I lock them Manually?? Please help...Thanks