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  1. Trafic 1.6, intermittant rough & high PCV flow

    2014 renault trafic 1.6, dci115 (R9M-408). 100k Miles. Runs beautifully smooth on cold mornings- like a well tuned petrol. Generally, when warm, runs like crap. Very "exhaust gassy, raspy, old diesel" sounding. Only slight performance loss, if any. When rough, PCV valve has pretty high...
  2. Espace 2007 Tailgate intermittant

    Hi all, I found a lot of tailgate/rear door lock issues on the search function but none really describing my problem, here it is; I bought this Grande Espace 2.0Dci 2007 few months ago, lovely car, my second Espace and working like a champ. Since a few weeks the tailgate seems to refuse...
  3. Engine noise with intermittant FI fault

    Hey, just wanted to dig into the collective for some possible ideas, and maybe confirm mine? Basic facts. Modus 15dci 56plate 145000miles doing ~65mpg If you put your foot down hard and work the engine, pulling into fast traffic say. Wifey does this, i take my time 0:) more than she does.The...
  4. Megane 2 ABS intermittant fault **Sorted**

    Had df026 2def which is o/s/f abs speed sensor circuit,2 def relates to magnetic/mechanical sensor fault. keep coming up on diag tool and light on dash lately. Pretty sure it's to do with the clip that holds the abs sensor into the hub, it's the magnetic wheel bearing type.... Comes on after a...
  5. Intermittant throttle pedal

    Sometimes usually after starting up, when pulling away, its ok then next junction will stop, on pulling away, when pressing throttle its not responding, mostly it stalls, even blipping no result, but a delicate application usually restores it, no matter hot or cold, suspect electronics glitches...

    Has anyone had a similar fault diagnosis. Engine starts fine and runs well but every now and again engine management light comes on (heater coil symbol in orange) and engine dies, no power, no accelerator. Put pedal down to floor and engine will just turn over, keep it flat to floor and engine...
  7. Intermittant Start problem

    Hello. I would like some advice on how to proceed with an intermittent issue I have with my Scenic III 1.5 dci 2013. 3 times this week, when returning to the car it will not start. It displays engine fault message and all you hear is the start motor ticking/knocking. I had the RAC out to it but...
  8. Intermittant Windows & Sunroof

    Hi I have a 2007 Renault Laguna Dynamique. The problem I have has been intermittent, until now. From tiem to time, the four windows and sunroof stop working. This seemed to happen when it rained(!), but this time, it was dry. This time, I brought it to my local garage as one of them was open...
  9. Scenic Diesel intermittant power

    renault scenic 2010 1.5 diesel loses power and intermittent when full of fuel when the fuel guage comes down to last mark on gauge or 100 miles it goes like a Ferrari !
  10. Car turns over but doesn't start intermittant

    I have a 2000 clio s 1.4 which has been trusty and reliable for many years. Recently it intermittently doesn't start. The electrics all come on and the engine cranks but just keeps cranking. It's fast and not sluggish but just won't start. Frustratingly it's intermittant and when I've managed...
  11. Intermittent Fault can anyone help me please?

    Can anyone help? I have an intermittent fault that happens frequently with my phase 2 Clio 1.2 16v Dynamique Billabooby. The lights and wipers keep stopping working and then start up again for no apparent reason? Happens day or night sunny or raining. Is this a common problem? The car is 2003...
  12. Renault Espace, feeble horn .. now intermittant

    2007 Dci Dynamique Grand Espace .. the horn - since I bought this car 18 months ago it's always had a pretty feeble 'meep' when used .. now it seems to be hardly working at all (possibly duff connection).. Are there any restrictions as to how loud a horn I can fit (i.e. does it have to be the...
  13. Intermittant power loss Laguna 1.9Dci

    General Chat
    Hi Guys Every now and again my 02 Guna 1.9Dci will loss power! I.e. when accelerating at say a junction it will rev up to about 2200 RPM and stay there despite the accelerator on the floor-no error lights on dash. Lift off and everything is back to normal. This only happened once in a blue...
  14. Mk2 Scenic Fan Control Faulty... Intermittant

    Heating & cooling
    T'other day SWMBO says I've broken the Air-Con. I drove later, all OK. Eventually, the thing faulted for me. Not a sausage from the fan, twiddled the knob, it worked on all speeds. Lasted all week, Dead again today. Another twiddle, off it went. Not read owt on here about faulty controls only...
  15. Grand Scenic 1.9Dci Intermittant loss of power

    My 05 plate Grand Scenic occasionally loses power at around 1500 revs, this doesn't happen all the time. sometimes when pulling off at a junction the rev drop and than another time it will be fine. also it happens occasionally when the car is moving. No error messages appear when it happens.
  16. intermittant power loss 3.0dci grandespace 2004

    hiya forum im the owner of a 2004 3.0dci grand espace initiale, on the the whole it has been a real trooper, never suffered from the usual gripes you hear or read about,however, in the last month it has suffered from a strange loss of power under load very akin to a "miss" accompanied by...
  17. Renault Clio II (2000) Grande 1.2 -Intermittant Starting Problems!!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and know a little about cars (so apologies in advance if I sound as thought I don't know what I'm talking about) but I have this weird and intermittent starting problem with my car and would like some advice please. On occasions, the car would start fine, the engine...
  18. misfire, loss of power, intermittant DTC's

    Evening everyone, I hope I am posting in the right section. I though I would share my experience and hopefully help someone out. I have a Megane Dynamique mkIII 2010 1.5 dci. Recently it developed a intermittent but very annoying fault. When accelerating the car would start to...
  19. kangoo dci intermittant spluttering.

    After giving lots of advice on clutch problems I now find myself with an engine problem on my trusty kangoo 1.5dci. The problem is this: every so often I suddenly start to lose power and th van will not rev above 1800rpm. If I try and push past this the engine knocks/rattles very loudly. If I...
  20. Starting problems (intermittant)

    I have a Clio II (Year 2000), which has started to have intermittant starting problems. I've noticed that the flashing red light at the top of the dashboard clutter (next to the 'STOP' light) which normally flashes when car is turned off, flashes quickly when the key is turned to start car. When...