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  1. Internal computer fault

    Hello, I have a 61 plate Megane and recently the engineer failure light came on after a long journey. The light has come on before and after a trip to the garage they replaced one of the injectors and the car was fine. This time though, when accelerating around the 45-50mph mark (so only...
  2. Internal lights turning on and off

    Dear all, Recently, the small backlight bulb of my Megane Scenic***8217;s clock had given up. When I changed this bulb, another one (the seatbelt light) broke down, or at least this is what I figured. I replaced this one as well. After reassembling the dash I found out that the backlight of the...
  3. Internal loading bay light

    Hi, I have a Renault Kangooo 1.5dci 2012 and the dome light wires in rear of van have been burnt out, and I need to renew them but have been unable to trace them back to where they are connected from. I can trace them down the door pillar, but after that I'm at a loss. Don't want to pull them in...
  4. Radiator top hose - internal diameter ?

    Can anyone tell me what the internal diameter of a 1.4 petrol ( K7J ) radiator top hose ( the one that goes from the thermostat housing to the top of the radiator) on a Kangoo? The reason I ask is given my rather expensive travails of late I wish to fit an independent water temperature gauge of...
  5. Internal alarm sensors

    Hi i have a 2007 3 door megane and would either like the part numbers for the rear passenger alarm ultrasonic sensor or if someone has a working one as mine has the wire hanging off it thanks:wink2:
  6. 1998 renault master 2.8dti gearbox will a 2003 internal clutch cylinder box fit my 98

    hi all can anyone help ive got a 1998 2.8dti renault master minibus which has done moon miles starts perfect its not the engine but the gearbox is fooked now it has the clutch cylinder on the front of the box and the only box i can find is a pf1 o13 or a pf1 012 from both 2003 and they have the...
  7. Locking a Grand Scenic III with deactivated internal sensors

    Hi guys Apologies for using my first post after registration to start an entirely self-centred thread, and apologies again if I have failed to find an answer to my question using the search function. BUT... Can anyone give me the definitive 'button sequence' for locking my Grand Scenic III...
  8. Deactivate internal alarm sensors Grand Scenic

    I want to be able to leave my dog in my Grand Scenic and lock the car. how do I deactivate the movement sensors please?
  9. Renault Master Internal Radio PCB COST

    The radio in my Renault Master recently stopped working. A mechanic has tried charging me £450 for a pcb board (the master board within the radio). I was just wondering what the average price for a pcb board would be. Is this a rip off? Thanks
  10. Electrics Problem windows and internal lights

    Hi, I have searched through the FAQ's but cannot find something specific to my problem so help would be greatly appreciated I have had intermittent window problems, my drivers window stopped working, luckily in the up position, but then the passenger stopped working too and at the weekend the...
  11. Scenic 2 (2008) Internal Fuse box map.

    I've just had a fuse pop, searched this forum for information got some, but not all I needed in the one thread. So here goes. 1) Cigar lighter/ancillary socket not working. 2) Found interior fuse box in glove compartment. Couldn't open it. Tried to press in the 2 clips at the front of the box...
  12. ** Internal Electric Issues **

    I have a Renault Clio DCI 1.5 09 plate... After driving 200 miles and making a stop I turned the ignition on to a warning on the dash to " check auto lights ".. This went away and I drove the 200 miles home. The next da the stereo stopped working I checked the fuse it had blown so changed it and...
  13. Squeaky internal fan noise

    Heating & cooling
    Renault Meganne scenic II, 2007 model 1400cc. Bought this second hand 6 months ago (46000 KM on clock) and at the time the air con wasn't working so the compressor was replaced and I assume re-gassed. Very irritating and annoying noise from the fan when using air con - after 20 min's or so...
  14. Internal Temperature Display

    Hi My first Renault so hope its not a daft question. The Internal Temp display wont go below 15. I can increase it no problem but is it supposed to go below 15 degrees? The external display by the clock works fine but this is the one set into the climate control panel. I don't have any heating...
  15. Meg R26 Internal Fuse box removed to replace fuse and now no fan

    I was wondering if there are any electrical experts that could help me with a bit of a problem. I have changed a 7.5 amp fuse in the Internal Fuse box (also called known as 1337 - SWITCHING PROTECTION UNIT) on my megane r26 (i blew a 7.5amp changing number plate bulb) and now i have no...
  16. Megane I 1996 internal fan problem

    Heating & cooling
    Hello I'm from Slovenia, so I hope you will understand me. I have a renault megane I 1996 without air condition. Some days the fan (heater/cooler/blower....) started to make problems. There are 4 levels of blowing. At first the first three stopped to work, the next day, the forth stopped too...
  17. Internal Fuel Flap Frustration

    Hello, I have a 2003 Megane Dynamique with an internal fuel filling inlet flap/seal that is not returning to the sealed position and has just failed it's MOT for that single reason (car is in really good nick for 2003). Having looked at the job it looks like a nightmare. Please advise how to...
  18. Magane II Internal Clock Display.

    I have some problem in my digital clock display unit. It displays fine. but it have some problem in time. If I set the time to current time and after few hours it displayed the invalid time. all the time its less than the current time. I think its running slow. What would be the issue. Please...
  19. Internal LCD Clock display

    I assumed this displayed only the time, and relevant media information from the original Renault stereo (which i do not own.) Does it infact display the ambient outside temperature too? How do i get it to display this information?! :devil:
  20. Internal lights

    Hi,I'm just posting to ask for help about the roof internal light of my scenic 2 are not working ,i cant find the fuse for it ,the foot well lights are working ,the central locking works fine ,I think they are linked ,many thanks